DIY Barnwood Coat Rack

DIY Barnwood Coat Rack | A Diamond in the Stuff

I am still on my New Years organizing kick. No end in sight. I'm not only organizing but I'm giving a few areas a bit of a face lift. Since we move so often, if I am in one house for too long I get the itch to change things up. It's the next best thing to a totally blank canvas. So this time around I am tackling an area in my laundry room. This area is located under my Crib Spring Drying Rack and it once housed my "wash" wall decor. That is now gone and in it's place is my new DIY Barnwood Coat … [Continue reading...]

How To Fix Scratches In Wood {quickly and easily}

How To Fix Scratches In Wood {quickly and easily}  | A Diamond in the Stuff

We have been living in our current home for over two years now. It was a bit of a mess when we moved in. We have put some love into it, but we have also put some wear and tear into it. We know that our time here is probably a year and a half left at the most, then it is off to wherever the Air Force decides to send us next. So in the back of my head I'm starting to make a mental list of all the fix-it's that we will need to do before we are ready to sell. One very glaring issue were these lovely … [Continue reading...]

My Old Rung Ladder

My Old Rung Ladder | A Diamond in the Stuff

After you do the junking, thrifting, salvaging thing for awhile the people around you start to catch on. Family and friends start to tell you about an awesome curb alert or a item that they are throwing out. They start to learn the kinds of things that you are looking for and what you’re interested […]

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Simple Winter Mantel

Simple Winter Mantel | A Diamond in the Stuff

After Christmas I am left with a feeling of decorating withdrawal. The house seems so full and warm during Christmas time.  Then January comes around and everything goes back into boxes and the house feels sad. One area that instantly seems neglected is my mantel. So I turned some Christmas leftovers and items I had […]

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Top 15 Posts of 2015

Top 15 Posts of 2015 | A Diamond in the Stuff

In case you’ve been under a rock or in a cave for a few days, it’s 2016! 2015 was a blink of a year, but it was a good year! That is evident by how awesome it was to look back at my top posts of 2015! I had some pretty awesome projects in 2015, […]

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Vintage Sparkle Christmas Porch

Vintage Sparkle Christmas Porch | A Diamond in the Stuff

The combination of moving every few years and the inevitable evolution of my own holiday decor, means that there are often areas of my home that I just can’t ever get right. My current front porch is one of those place. Actually I often struggle with my outdoor holiday decor. BUT THIS YEAR I am […]

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DIY Faux Christmas Chalkboard

DIY Faux Christmas Chalkboard | A Diamond in the Stuff

In the Fall I created this DIY Faux Framed Chalkboard. Since it was Fall, I went with a Thanksgiving saying for the first chalkboard. Now that Christmas time has rolled around I needed to whip up a DIY Faux Christmas Chalkboard! If you are looking for my tutorial on how I created my faux chalkboards […]

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Aqua and Red Christmas Tree

Aqua and Red Christmas Tree | A Diamond in the Stuff

  Last year I made the jump to switch up my Christmas decor completely. A few things carried over, but overall, it was a complete fresh start. I ended up not buying everything I wanted last year because lets face it, that adds up quickly! My tree was one of those things that didn’t get […]

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Silhouette Black Friday Deals

Silhouette Black Friday Deals

Alright all my crafty friends!!! The time has arrived to snag some REALLY great deals with Silhouette! Whether you want to snag a Silhouette Cameo for a gift or a Silhouette Design Store Subscription for yourself, NOW is the time!!! So I won’t delay this any longer, here are the AWESOME deals that you’ll want […]

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