DIY Wooden Triangle Christmas Trees

I wanted to change up my Christmas mantle a bit this year, but I didn't really want to spend any money. Well I didn't want to have to go out and spend anything, so I only used resources that I had in my garage and craft room! I decided to create a DIY framed sign and these DIY Wooden Triangle Christmas Trees. My trees started with some 2x8's and 2x10's that I had on hand. The hardest part of this project was getting the triangles cut, these thick boards are not the … [Continue reading...]

Vintage Ornament Garland

  How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was simple and satisfying. We stayed home this year which meant I got to spend the following days decorating for Christmas! I love getting the house decorated as soon and as quickly as I can so that I can enjoy it all for as long as possible. For one reason or another (mostly because I can never leave well enough alone) I end up changing some things around every year which extends the decorating process. What can ya do? You can't fight city … [Continue reading...]

Laundry Room Board and Batten

I have shared glimpses of my laundry room on the blog several times. You can see posts HERE, HERE, and HERE. I was wanting to upgrade the laundry room a bit and maybe even provide some more organizational options. Also, I was wanting to tackle something new. For some time I had kept my eye […]

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Witch’s Scroll and Spooky Porch

October is officially upon us. The past couple years I haven’t been in a “decorate for Halloween” kind of mood, much to my son’s dismay. So this year I PROMISED that we would SPOOKify our front porch. Shortly after said promise I got an email from the good people at PRO WORLD INC asking if […]

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Upcycled Footboard Coat Rack

Part of me feels like apologies are in order, I’ve basically been MIA on the ole blog here. However, the truth is we had a completely crazy busy fun family filled summer and I wouldn’t of traded a second of it. In the past months we have been to the National Archery Tournament (NASP) in […]

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Farmhouse Headboard Bench

I had a show last month that I had to get tons of stuff ready for. I was running low on larger furniture items which meant lots of work needed to be done. So into the scary garage I went to start dragging stuff out and begin the transformations. One of the first items I […]

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DIY Round Industrial Coffee Table

I have been in an industrial decor kind of mood lately apparently! I’m really lovingĀ the “industrial farmhouse” look right now so it’s inspiring a lot of what I’m working on. I just did a Makers Fair this past weekend and when my booth was all set up it reflected the mood I’ve been in. Which […]

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Spring Instagram Giveaway

    Daylight savings has passed, the first day of Spring has come, and now Easter is right around the corner! The change of seasons has put me in a mood for a little fun! I’m running an awesome giveaway over on Instagram and it ends on Monday! So pop over to IG and look […]

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Industrial Open Shelving

  I have been in a MOOD lately to update my dining area. My house has been semi the same for over two years and for this military wife that is about as much time as I usually spend in a house, so it’s time to change things up! I have a very small dining […]

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