DIY Shutter Rolling Cart

DIY Shutter Rolling Cart - A Diamond in the Stuff

Whenever I am in need of some inspiration, I just take a lap around my very full garage. At any given moment it is filled with projects, odds, and ends. These shutters were scooped up several weeks ago for super cheap and they became my next victim. I have done a few different things with shutters and I really wanted to shake it up a bit. So I decided that these dingy old shutter were going to become a DIY Shutter Rolling Cart. The shutter were pretty tall and pretty shabby. The … [Continue reading...]

DIY Salvage Sofa Table

DIY Salvage Sofa Table | A Diamond in the Stuff

Even thought the blog has been on the quiet side lately, I've been working my booty off. Every Saturday in August I am participating in a local farmer's market. So every Saturday I sell and during the rest of the week I am making more items to sell the following Saturday. I've been cranking out all kinds of upcycled items. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of my photos. One of the many items I completed to take to the farmer's market is this beautiful DIY Salvage Sofa … [Continue reading...]

Milk Can Side Table

Milk Can Side Table | A Diamond in the Stuff

Welcome August! Sorry for the dead air that was July. Ya know….travel, kids, company, kids, business stuff, kids. We’ve made it to the other side and the kids will be back to school in one week. One week. I’m both sad and ecstatic all at once. This past weekend I participated in a local Farmer’s Market (and […]

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Window Frame Wood Flag

Window Frame Wood Flag | A Diamond in the Stuff

It’s slowly creeping towards the 4th of July and even though I’ve been a bit MIA lately (on va-ca in Hawaii), I just had to share one last patriotic project! I have fallen in love with using old windows as frames for beautiful artwork. Whether it be a beautiful quote or image, if I’m throwing […]

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Baseball Cross Coach Gift

Baseball Cross Coach Gift | A Diamond in the Stuff

My son has fallen in love. It happens in many young boy’s lives. That would be, the love of baseball. He has fallen completely in love with the game. Luckily he had a really great group of coaches this past season. I wanted to thank them for all the time and love they put into working […]

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Pallet Barn Door Sign

Pallet Barn Door Sign | A Diamond in the Stuff

We had a big stack of pallet wood that we accumulated. It’s usually feast or famine around here with pallets. I also have a love hate relationship with pallets. Breaking them apart and actually getting good pieces of wood that don’t split and not spending the better part of a day doing it….nearly impossible! So […]

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Thrifty Thursday #64

Thrifty Thursday #64 | A Diamond in the Stuff

It’s Thrifty Thursday!!! The other day I was perusing an online yard sale page and spotted someone selling a bunch of chippy old goodies. I jumped at the chance to go grab some and came home with a truck load. Now I have to decide what I’m going to do with all these new thrifty […]

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Window Memo Board Coat Rack

Window Memo Board Coat Rack | A Diamond in the Stuff

Several years ago (almost 5 to be exact) I gave an old window a makeover. This yellow window was one of my first projects to be posted here at ADitS and it was my first big vinyl project. A bit of a blast from the past if you will. My style and my techniques have […]

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Girl’s Room Gallery Wall

Girl's Room Gallery Wall | A Diamond in the Stuff

It’s hard to believe, but my “little” girl is turning 10 next month. I can’t handle it so I’m going to quickly move on and not ACTUALLY think about that. It was pretty evident that she needed to have a little “big” girl sprucing up in her room. She has had the same theme in […]

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