Thrifty Thursday #64

Thrifty Thursday #64 | A Diamond in the Stuff

It's Thrifty Thursday!!! The other day I was perusing an online yard sale page and spotted someone selling a bunch of chippy old goodies. I jumped at the chance to go grab some and came home with a truck load. Now I have to decide what I'm going to do with all these new thrifty finds. First up is this old chippy wood door. It's a good solid (aka: heavy) old door with lots of chippiness. I scored it for $20. Now the question: Do I leave the chippy or get rid of it and repaint? I've … [Continue reading...]

Window Memo Board Coat Rack

Window Memo Board Coat Rack | A Diamond in the Stuff

Several years ago (almost 5 to be exact) I gave an old window a makeover. This yellow window was one of my first projects to be posted here at ADitS and it was my first big vinyl project. A bit of a blast from the past if you will. My style and my techniques have evolved just a tad since then. After it's first makeover it had a home in the kitchens of our last two houses. When we moved into our current home (yes that means 3 houses in the last 5 years) there was no place to hang my yellow window … [Continue reading...]

Girl’s Room Gallery Wall

Girl's Room Gallery Wall | A Diamond in the Stuff

It’s hard to believe, but my “little” girl is turning 10 next month. I can’t handle it so I’m going to quickly move on and not ACTUALLY think about that. It was pretty evident that she needed to have a little “big” girl sprucing up in her room. She has had the same theme in […]

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Spring Monogram Mantel

Spring Monogram Mantle | A Diamond in the Stuff

I am ashamed to say that after Christmas my mantel hasn’t been much to look at. I haven’t felt inspired to do much with it until Spring hit. Then I got the itch to decorate but I was stumped on what I wanted to do. I wanted something bright and happy but nothing too fussy. […]

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DIY Window Frame Art

DIY Window Frame Art | A Diamond in the Stuff

  A couple weeks ago I created a Window Frame Wood Art piece that I just loved! Making it opened up a lot of ideas and possibilities when it came to old window with missing or broken glass. I have made so many different things with old windows and I’m always looking for new and […]

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Yard Stick Serving Tray

Yard Stick Serving Tray | A Diamond in the Stuff

  I hate letting things go to waste. Hate hate hate. If I think that I can come up with a use for it, I’ll hold onto it. Sometimes for a very long time. Waiting for inspiration (or time) to strike. A couple weeks ago I did a Sewing Table Makeover and I had all these […]

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Window Frame Wood Sign

Window Frame Wood Sign | A Diamond in the Stuff

When you have an old window obsession like I do it’s hard to come up with things to do with all of them. Every window is different and offers different possibilities when it comes to turning them into projects. Some offer more obstacles than possibilities though. What do you do when you have a window frame […]

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Sewing Table Makeover

Sewing Table Makeover

Sorry for the radio silence this week. I was getting ready for a huge maker’s fair this past weekend. As promised, it was amazing! My only issue is that because I’m selling there, I don’t get the opportunity to walk around and see all the other maker’s stuff. Sad face. The turnout was great and […]

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Magnetic Map Window {memo board}

Magnetic Map Window {memo board} | A Diamond in the Stuff

I can not tell you how many windows I have amassed. Let’s just say….a lot! I have ones with glass, ones without. I have ones that are chippy, ones that aren’t. I have single pane, two pane, four pane, 6 pane, you get the point! I love to do all sorts of fun window projects […]

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