Vintage Ornament Garland

Vintage Ornament Garland | A Diamond in the Stuff

  How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was simple and satisfying. We stayed home this year which meant I got to spend the following days decorating for Christmas! I love getting the house decorated as soon and as quickly as I can so that I can enjoy it all for as long as possible. For one reason or another (mostly because I can never leave well enough alone) I end up changing some things around every year which extends the decorating process. What can ya do? You can't fight city … [Continue reading...]

Laundry Room Board and Batten

Laundry Room Board and Batten | A Diamond in the Stuff

I have shared glimpses of my laundry room on the blog several times. You can see posts HERE, HERE, and HERE. I was wanting to upgrade the laundry room a bit and maybe even provide some more organizational options. Also, I was wanting to tackle something new. For some time I had kept my eye on DIY board and batten projects and really loved the look. This was the time to take the plunge and give it a try. My supplies were: 6in x 1in pine board/s 3in x 1in pine boards White … [Continue reading...]

Witch’s Scroll and Spooky Porch

Witch's Scroll and Spooky Porch | A Diamond in the Stuff

October is officially upon us. The past couple years I haven’t been in a “decorate for Halloween” kind of mood, much to my son’s dismay. So this year I PROMISED that we would SPOOKify our front porch. Shortly after said promise I got an email from the good people at PRO WORLD INC asking if […]

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Upcycled Footboard Coat Rack

Upcycled Footboard Coat Rack | A Diamond in the Stuff

Part of me feels like apologies are in order, I’ve basically been MIA on the ole blog here. However, the truth is we had a completely crazy busy fun family filled summer and I wouldn’t of traded a second of it. In the past months we have been to the National Archery Tournament (NASP) in […]

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Farmhouse Headboard Bench

Farmhouse Headboard Bench | A Diamond in the Stuff

I had a show last month that I had to get tons of stuff ready for. I was running low on larger furniture items which meant lots of work needed to be done. So into the scary garage I went to start dragging stuff out and begin the transformations. One of the first items I […]

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DIY Round Industrial Coffee Table

DIY Round Industrial Coffee Table | A Diamond in the Stuff

I have been in an industrial decor kind of mood lately apparently! I’m really lovingĀ the “industrial farmhouse” look right now so it’s inspiring a lot of what I’m working on. I just did a Makers Fair this past weekend and when my booth was all set up it reflected the mood I’ve been in. Which […]

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Spring Instagram Giveaway

Spring Instagram Giveaway | A Diamond in the Stuff

    Daylight savings has passed, the first day of Spring has come, and now Easter is right around the corner! The change of seasons has put me in a mood for a little fun! I’m running an awesome giveaway over on Instagram and it ends on Monday! So pop over to IG and look […]

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Industrial Open Shelving

Industrial Open Shelving | A Diamond in the Stuff

  I have been in a MOOD lately to update my dining area. My house has been semi the same for over two years and for this military wife that is about as much time as I usually spend in a house, so it’s time to change things up! I have a very small dining […]

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8 DIY Concrete Projects

8 DIY Concrete Projects | A Diamond in the Stuff

Lately I have been seeing more and more concrete projects and items popping up all over the place. And I’m kinda crushing on it! It’s such a simple medium, it can be used endlessly on some many different kinds of projects. I love it’s industrial feel but it can be softened depending on how you […]

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