Is Back to School a Holiday???

It may be for some parents!!!

I LOVE LOVE decorating for the holidays and seasons. Some holidays I go all out….and by some I really just mean Christmas. For the rest I usually stick to decorating my mantle. The nice thing about my mantle is that it moves with us, goes where we go. We are a military family and have already moved 4 times in our 6 years of marriage and we have another move coming in October. Thus far none of the homes we have lived in had a fireplace…therefore no mantle. I really wanted a mantle….where were we going to hang our Christmas stockings??? The solution came to me in a birthday present from my Uncle. It’s one of those fake fireplaces with the gel canisters that you can light. I love my fireplace and I love decorating it!!!

Through the last few years, as I’ve been collecting things to decorate for the holidays and different seasons I would come across times of the year that I was at a loss for how to decorate. Like January and February. I didn’t want to leave my Christmas stuff out that long….but it was still way to early for my spring and Easter stuff to come out of storage. Well September posed one of those problems as well. So this year I decided I would do a “Back to School” display, especially since my little girl started Kindergarten this year! Here is what I came up with. Some things I had lying around, some things I got from thrift stores, and some things I made.

Do you see those flags? Found those at an antique store in Illinois, where my husband is from. We got them for $1 each. They are at least 51 years old, they have 48 stars, but they can be older than that as the 48th state was Arizona in 1912. The “A B C” letters I got at Michael’s and painted them a flat black. By the way, those are my little ones there in the picture!

The rulers are just yard sticks I had my hubby cut down. I am still on the look out for some vintage rulers or yardsticks though.

Notice the candles? I used Mod Podge and a couple pages from a book to cover some cheap white pillars. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to burn the candles! They’re just there to look pretty!

The red dot fabric I got at a local fabric store at 25% off because they were having a dot and stripe sale! LOL I don’t know how to sew so I used some Fabri-Tac on the edges. I just turned the ends over and glued them down so there wouldn’t be any unfinished edges or fraying. The books and the alarm clock are all thrift store finds. Other than that, I just had the rest of the stuff laying around somewhere or another.

So what do ya think? Do you decorate for the holidays and seasons? I know I can’t be the only crazy one out there!!!

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  1. Your mantle looks very festive. I’ve never decorated for the back to school season but I have thought about it a couple of times. We homeschool so I think that decor would be appropriate all year round at our house.

  2. Traveling over from Just Another Hang Up… You had a question about using 12×12 tiles instead of wooden plaques. I can send you the power point and you can enlarge it if you’d like. It shouldn’t be too hard to do! – Suzanne

  3. I love this!! Very cute!! We’ll be moving into a house with a fireplace and mantel in Oct and I am so excited to decorate it! I’ll have to keep this in mind next year when my daughter starts school!

  4. love the candles. I tried doing something similar by putting printed trace paper around the candle then using a hair dryer or heat gun to let the wax soak through. It worked ok. Looks messy tho. I will have to try your idea. Come check out my blog.

  5. I love this idea! I’m a former K teacher so back to school time is definitely a special time for me. This would be a great way to decorate for the gap between end of summer and when I roll out the pumpkins in October.

  6. I love it. I especially love your candles. Great!!!


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