I’m a Chandelier Vampire

While at a thrift store I spotted a chandelier in pretty bad shape. While inspecting it and the price, a guy that worked there expressed his unsureness of it’s ability to work. To which I replied “Oh that’s ok, I’m going to get rid of the electrical and use candles!”….to which he replied “You vampire!!!!”. I’m not sure exactly what he meant by this, I doubt it was a good thing! Now that I think about it I guess that’s what I do, suck the blood out of old things and give them a new life so they can live forever!!! LOL So I’m taking it as a GOOD thing!

I bought this chandelier for under $4. This picture was taken after I removed the electrical, I was getting worried at how hard it would be to remove it all so I just attacked it and had it all done before I knew it! Once I removed the electrical parts I realized that the round plates that would soon hold candles wouldn’t stay on. So I pulled out the E6000 and glued them into place. I also got rid of that long part that hangs down in the middle, so I had to glue together the leftover parts.

Here is the finished product! Man it was hard to get good pictures of it! I will admit I am not the best photographer out there, as I am sure you already noticed! Some projects are just easier to capture on camera than others!

I love all the detail on the chandelier! Although I guess it’s not a chandelier anymore is it? What shall I call it? A candle-lier? A chandle?

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  1. I think it’s a great re-use! It looks great~like it’s been a candl-eir it’s whole life.

  2. Court! I am a chandelier junkie and I am totally in lust with this one!

    love your guts

  3. What a great idea! I have to say that I think he called you a vampire because they use candle chandeliers(at least in some of the old movies I have seen). Maybe? Who knows…some people are just weirdies;)

  4. Very pretty! Where did you hang it?

  5. LOVE your blog… im your newest follower. 🙂 hope to hear from you soon!!!

  6. Tracy, I hung it in my dining room for picture purposes….BUT it is going in the sale pile for a upcoming craft fair! More on that later!!!

  7. Love this! And a score for under $4!

  8. This is absolutely wonderful. I am in love with chandelier (or whatever you call it) LOL~ I just became follower #91!

  9. love how you re-did this chandy!!

  10. She looks great with candles! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  11. Wow, that looks great. Very nice!

  12. great redo 🙂 candelier or chander-andle, either way it is way cute!

    ~ Emily N. from “too Blessed to Stress”

  13. Ooooh. I love it in black!

  14. I {{HEART}} this!!!

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