Perpetual Calendar for your Fridge

I love when people who have the computer-know-how to create cool printables, actually create them and offer them for free to their friends in blogland! I would love to learn how some of these ladies create these things! Aimee over at Sprik Space came up with this great calendar printable! It’s meant to be printed out and put into a picture frame. The glass on the picture frame works as a dry erase surface. Every month you can just wipe it down and write in the next.
I decided this would make a GREAT solution to the cumbersome one-time-use calendars. BUT I had no where to hang it on my walls in the kitchen. I came to the conclusion that it needed to be one big magnet! I bought an inexpensive 11×13 frame at Walmart and painted it black. Then I took my E6000 glue and added magnet strips to the back of the frame. I then printed out the calendar page in yellow at Costco. Once everything was dry and put together I popped it on my fridge.
The colors go great in my kitchen! I think, compared to the disposable calendar, it looks so much cleaner and nicer. PLUS, no more waste! This is the only calender I’ll ever need!

I need to get some more dry erase markers!!!

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  1. That’s a cute idea! I’m going to try that! It look much cleaner than the paper calendar I have on my fridge.

  2. I also have a paper one, amidst a lot of junk. i’m gonna feel really lame if your fridge is always that clean : ) I soooo need to do this!! I’d be afraid I wouldn’t get enough magnet on…

  3. @ Amanda, I used magnetic strips ALL around the frame. I also made sure to use a light weight picture frame! And my fridge isn’t ALWAYS that clean, but I try to keep it pretty decluttered, or else it drives me crazy! But that’s just my A type personality coming out! ; )

  4. That is totally what i need. I suck at remembering life things. Oh well at least I got a shower today….

    I am still in love with your door knob!

    love your guts

  5. Very cute and great idea!!
    I love how you can personalize the calender part 🙂

  6. I featured this on Sprik Space’s Facebook page today! 🙂

  7. I found this through Pinterest, used it and blogged about it!! THANK YOU for this cute idea!

  8. how do you get it to stay up there? I added 2 magnet strips and 5 thick round magnets and mine still won’t stay on the fridge!

  9. Can someone tell me how I would print it at cvs or somewhere besides costco? Im not a member. Also how to even go about doing it would help…Im not real computer savvy. I have it downloaded and saved onto my computer but how do I print from somewhere else?

  10. If you aren’t a CostCo member, FedEx/Kinkos , Staples, and Office Max can all print over-size documents.

    I have a small, home-based business where I make customized dry-erase fridge calendars with a full-sized magnetic backing . The magnetic-backing comes in various thicknesses. I use a 0.015″ thick sheeting for the calendar back, which works great for my calendars because they’re just the magnetic sheet, the artwork, and a protective dry erase finish. I don’t think the 0.015″ thick material is strong enough to hold a picture frame with a glass face.

    I uses a 0.030″ thick magnetic sheeting to make dry erase stall cards (for people with horses). The 0.030″ thick material is probably strong enough to hold your picture frame style dry erase calendar, and is the thickness used on most car door signs.

    You might try contacting one of your local sign shops and see if they would sell you a piece of 0.030″ thick magnetic sheeting the size of your picture frame. The sheeting I use has a self-adhesive, “peel and stick” backing, which the sign companies probably do not use. If they don’t have the self-adhesive sheeting, you’ll need to glue the magnet to the back of your picture frame. I can’t suggest a specific adhesive, but you’ll need to find one that is suitable for gluing a rubber material (the magnetic sheeting) to the back of your picture frame.

    One other thought – to give the magnet the best possible chance of holding your picture frame in place, I’d suggest making sure the picture frame back was as flat as possible so the entire surface of the magnet contacts your fridge. If a mounting clip or bracket keeps part of the magnetic sheeting from contacting your fridge, your picture frame may fall when the fridge door is slammed (not that anyone in YOUR household would EVER slam the fridge door).

    Good Luck!

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