Mission: Craft Room Organizaton

I know that many of us have been bitten by the organization bug this time of year. It has hit me pretty hard this year! It may be the nice new home, it may be that I actually have a designated craft space, or it may just be time. Either way I am loving it and finding a lot of joy in getting organized.

This is the only real “before” picture I have of the craft nook. The craft nook is a little space that is located off of the laundry room. I think it is intended to be storage but I saw it as much more! As you can see, everything is mismatched but pretty much (give or take) in it’s place. This is at the point where I was figuring out how I wanted everything positioned. A few of these items are from thrift stores, a few are just things I had lying around the house, and the rest are items that are left over from parties I have thrown.
This is a shot of the same shelving and storage items. I decided the best way to make everything look cohesive would be to pick a color scheme and run with it. I choose black, white, and light blue. I painted several of the items and bought two new boxes that just happened to match (well pretty darn close).
Now I’ll give you a tour of the room. Here is what it looks like when you walk in.
This is your view to the left.
You may remember this memo board that I posted about a few months ago. It was really the starting point for the room. I knew I had to work around it’s colors and style. Aren’t those buckets perfect? Found them at the $1 section in Michael’s and just the right color!!! They provide great storage for my scissors, paint brushes, writing implements, etc etc etc! I have pinned up some random photos of my loves and some inspiration that I found in magazines.
Next to my memo board is one of my newest loves….my ribbon organizer! I know, what can I say? I snagged this little gem during all the holiday sale greatness. The sad thing is, it doesn’t even hold all of my ribbon! On top I have all my glue within reach. Above all that is another great Michael’s find, a repositionable wall cling with the reminder to BELIEVE!
If you kept looking to the left you would notice something a little random, maybe even out of place. But it’s a sign my mom bought me for Christmas. A sign I have loved for a very long time!
Just in case I am ever doubting myself I just have to remember “YOU CAN DO IT”! Ok back to the craft room…..
If you keep going right you’ll find my tower-o-paper! My mom picked this rack up for me from a scrapbook store that was getting new display cases. It was a great find and I’m sure it has help avoid many headaches! Notice some ribbon overflow?
That brings you back to the shelves where I have used ribbon and chalkboard tags to label all my containers. I cut out some chipboard with my Cricut and painted them with chalkboard paint. I like it because it’s easy to change up, which is perfect for me and my ever evolving space.
Under my tables are lots and lots of drawered storage. Maybe not the prettiest but they are super functional and necessary. At some point I may paint them all to match, maybe.
Now looking to the right as you walk in is the scary part! It is shelf after shelf filled with all my thrift store and crafty finds. You may also notice some lovely food items there, I have to share part of my space with pantry overflow. Ah well it’s still a pretty good space.
I bought some storage bins at Target. Where? Yes in the $1 section! I’m tellin ya, it’s the place to be!These bins are really nice for holding some of the smaller items and cuts down on the clutter.
You may have noticed a little chair in some of those pictures. It started out as any run of the mill, ordinary, utilitarian office chair. I decided to do a quick makeover and recover the back and seat.
You may notice that the fabric is the color opposite of the fabric I used for the memo board. I love Damask!!!
Well there you have it, my little craft room! It may be small but it’s organized and I love it!
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  1. I love it! I have a damask addiction, as well. I love your organizational ideas! I was wondering what kind of desk/table you have in your room? I’m trying to get my craft room all set up, but still need a desk/table.

  2. i love your craft room very pretty!

  3. @ Marlie~They are both just folding craft tables. I think they were bought from Walmart or Target or both, it’s been awhile. Hope that helps!

  4. Love it!! It’s so great to have a space you can keep all your supplies in. I use folding tables for my space too. I bought that ribbon holder on Thanksgiving day, now I just need to finish assembling it.

  5. Great job – looks like a great place to craft and get inspired.

  6. Beautiful recovering the office chair! Very cool idea.

  7. I love this post, the organization in your craft room is awesome! I’m so glad I found your site. I joined up with your link party, can’t wait to see what’s to come.


  8. your room is AWESOME – I am very jealous! Great job!

    jenn – greendoordesigns.blogspot.com

  9. I’m jealous! So cute!!

  10. This may be a stupid question, but I also have the ugly plastic drawer storage. Is there a way to paint those? I would love to hide the hideous unit I have in my bathroom!

  11. The thing I like the most is the symmetry in your little storage bins like the blue buckets. Oh and that mega jar of Modge Podge. Where did you buy that?!

    I wouldn’t think of the food as reserve pantry storage. I’d call it Emergency Crafting Snacks.

  12. Nice, neat space!

  13. That looks so great!! I scrapbook , so I know how hard it is to store craft stuff.

  14. Your space is gorgeous! I’m soooo envious! You did a great job… I’m going to have to copy some of your ideas!


  15. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m trying to get started cleaning up all my craft stuff- and it’s just a mess! If I can make it look as neat as your space, it’ll be worth the effort!

  16. Visiting via the Weekend Wrap Up, love your space – can’t wait to see what you create in it!! oooh that ribbon:)

  17. ooolaalaa! im swooning over all of these craft room makeovers. oh, how i wish i had a craft room of my own! great job and love the colors!

  18. Where did you get the ribbon organization shelf/dowels?

  19. This looks really awesome! Mine is only this organized when I don’t have any crafting going on 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your awesome space!

    Hannah @ http://youngancrafty.blogspot.com/

  20. FABLOUS job! Will you come visit me? LOL Amazing job!
    Thank you for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can’t wait to see what you are going to lnk up next week!

  21. Lori~I got the ribbon organizer at Michael’s!

  22. I love this!! You did an amazing job!! I’d love to know more about how you covered your office chair.

  23. I love organization 🙂 and your ribbon collection is AMAZING!

  24. Just swinging back to tell you I’m featuring this as one of the Making It With Allie Features this week! Come on by and grab a button!

  25. Found you on Craft-o-maniac, I love your craft room. I’m working on one of mine right now! Great inspiration!

  26. That looks soooo good!! The hubs is loaning me a corner of his office for a craft area. Your space gave me TONS of ideas!! Great job!!

  27. My favorite part of it is all the thrift store finds! I love going to thrift stores and seeking out little treasures. I just bought a jewelry box today and I am inspired by your blog to make sure I do BEFORE and AFTER pictures lol

  28. Aww, I love your craft room=)) I’m in the process of organizing and decorating mine…For the first time ever, I have a room all to myself for crafting!! Great job=)

  29. Uh, wow! It looks amazing! I would love to craft in there…maybe you can come find a corner for me at my house! 😉
    I’m having a giveaway for a FREE gallon of paint…hope you can join! alittleknickknack.blogspot.com

  30. I am currently redoing my craft space and appreciate all your great tips. I also have the same ribbon organizer from Michaels…. I love it too!

  31. Wow! I love all the organization!! I love that you have all those shelves with your thrift finds too!

    I’ve been working on my craft room for, oh, 6 months…maybe 9. It’s still a hot mess! 😉

  32. Beautiful! I am your newest follower, please come check me out and follow me back!

  33. great job organizing! 🙂

  34. Love the blue/black/white. I’m working on putting my space in a black/white/pink like your blog template!

    I laughed about your thrift store section. I have trouble figuring out what to do with all my “junk” that I just know is going to be something special one day!

    Stopping by from Tatertots and Jello link up. I also do a Wed crafty link up if you’re ever interested in stopping by and joining in.

  35. this is awesome! i love your thrift finds section 🙂 lots of inspiration right there for you to work off of. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Very nice! I am in the process of a make over as well. You don’t happen to have a tutorial on the chair recovering do you?! I have 2 office chairs that are in dire need of sprucing up!

  37. Great space!

  38. Great job-I love how you walked us through your decisions! I am working on my space now and you have inspired me. TFS Cathie

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