The Chicken Pox? Really?

When I noticed red spots on my daughter I never imagined what the doctor would tell me. I thought bug bites maybe…..allergic reaction maybe…..chicken pox? Certainly not! She was immunized, she got the booster shot! So when the doctor took a look at her and told me that indeed, she did have CHICKEN POX I was shocked! I know no kids that have had the chicken pox in the recent past.
It’s been a bit of a roller coaster, some days she feels better than others. Some hours are better than others. She has developed a pretty bad cough that keeps her up at night, so not a lot of good sleep happening. We have to keep her out of school until the pox are dried up which should be a challenge for me and her. The good news is, because of the vaccine the severity of it seems to be less than what people use to experience with chicken pox!
As you can see she’s in pretty good spirits. Can you see the calamine lotion that she applied herself? Such a good “helper”! So we’ve been a little off the routine to say the least. Here’s hoping it passes fast and isn’t too rough on her! And me while we’re at it!
Just a few more hours until Time to Shine closes, features will be up tomorrow!!!


  1. It’s a shock to most parents that their kidos can get the chicken pox after having a vaccine. It was a shock to me when my 2 oldest got it not once twice or three times but four. Yes I said four times. It can happen and when it does it totally stinks.

  2. My six year old just got over the chicken pox recently and she too was immunized twice. Chicken Pox never even came to mind!

  3. Oh bless her little heart! I had the Chicken pox when I was little too! NO fun, but that calamine lotion sure did help! Hope this week is better for both of you. Blessings, Vicky

  4. Just before Christmas I was saying the same thing as you! I noticed spots all over my daughter and took her to the clinic (it was a saturday) and they told me Chickenpox! She, too, was vaccinated and was one week away from getting the booster. It didn’t make sense to me either since we didn’t know anyone with chickenpox but we came home and slathered the lotion, beared with the sobbing (she was truly miserable). Also, we had a big trip planned for the day after Christmas to go see my parents. My dad recently had a stem-cell transplant and couldn’t be around chickenpox… Monday morning I called my dad and told him not to cancel the rental house yet and I was taking her to her regular ped. for a second opinion since the “pox” weren’t doing what they were supposed to do and were just fading away. Ped said they weren’t chickenpox but couldn’t tell us what they were because they were almost completely gone by this time. I called my dad immediately and told him and our vacation was saved! If he hadn’t been in meetings all morning, it would have already been cancelled.. Never did figure out what she had…

    Anyway, your story just gave me the desire to share. I don’t want to make you second guess your dr. I’m pretty sure you would know in your gut that something was “off” and your daughter looks much happier than mine was! Mine screamed anytime I came near her with the calamine lotion.. It was so strange! Good luck! I hope it passes quickly and she’s not too itchy!!

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