Flower Pot Chandelier

When I saw this brass chandelier in Savers in Arizona for $4.99 I had to grab it up. At first I was going to rip out the electrical completely (because someone had cut right through the cord) and use candles, like I did in the Candleier I did last year.
While I was chatting up my partner from Crafting with the Stars, Cheri from It’s So Very Cheri, we came up with a different idea for it! First issue was: I was keeping the electrical so I had to paint around that. I knew I wasn’t going to use the little candlesticks thingys (technical term? I think so!) so I just covered the tops with painters tape so paint wouldn’t get into the light sockets. I painted the Chandelier with Rustolem’s Candy Pink, after priming of course!
I bought 5 clay flower pots and 5 saucers and I needed big ole holes to be drilled into them. Enter the biggest masonry drill bit I could find and my hubby’s power tools! We only had one casualty, so I’d say it was a HUGE success! Once the holes were drilled I painted the pots and saucers with Rustolem’s Green Apple.
Once all the paint was dry it was time to glue the flower pots to the chandelier. I removed the candlestick thingys and fit the saucers and pots over the sockets and glued them down with Gorilla Epoxy Glue!

I used Gorilla Tape to “clamp” everything down to make sure the glue got a good hold. Side note for the future: don’t use Gorilla Glue Tape on painted clay items. When I pulled the tape off, the chandelier was fine but it pulled the paint off the clay. Maybe if I used the DecoArt Patio paint instead of spray paint I would of been fine….but none the less; clay pots, spray paint, and Gorilla Tape don’t mix well!
We hung it up in our daughter’s room and it looks fantastic! It goes so well in her room and with her new Word Plaques & White Picket Fence. We did have to buy a re-wiring kit, as mentioned before, someone had cut the cord with the plug. It was pretty easy to do.

Here is it lit up….
So there you go! A super cute girly garden chandelier! What do you think this would cost at say Pottery Barn???
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  1. absolutely beautiful! i want to make one for my nieces! note to self: look for chandelier and clay pots 🙂

  2. I feel like I’m stuck in a comment rut with adjectives like “awesome”, “gorgeous”, and “ingenious” but really–this is! I would’ve never thought to use the little pots and it’s so perfect for a girl’s room!

  3. Too Cute!

  4. cute!!! I want to do some sort of flower pot hanging lamp in my apartment now 😀

  5. What a clever idea! I love what you have done with this chandy, so sweet looking!

  6. Stunning make! Very clever – love it :o) Scarlett x

  7. What an adorable springtime look! I love it! I love the whole blog, actually. You have a new follower! 😉 Have a great weekend!

  8. Your chandelier turned out so cute. Perfect for a girl’s room.

  9. How cute and innovative using the flowerpots!

    check out the silhoutte t-shirt giveaway for kids on my blog.I bet the little girl will love it.

  10. Love this! Something like this would look great in our 3 seasons room!

  11. Cute! Love the pink and green!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can’t wait to see what you have for next week!

  12. Very Cute! Now I cant wait for spring.

  13. how I wish we lived in a cooler climate so I could replace all our ceiling fans with some amazing “candleliers” like this. Maybe someone should come up with some chandelier/fan combos. I would LOVE that.

  14. I REALLLLY love what you have done here. Great finish. I think this would make a fabulous addition to a girls room!
    FABULOUS job.

    Extreme Personal Measures

  15. Wow. That looks great. I love the pink and green together. I’m your newest follower. I’m throwing my first link party today (Monday) it would be great if you would stop by and share your project.

  16. WOW! Way to creative for words! I have never seen anything like this…LOVE it….

    Take care,Lisa

  17. Adorable! I so want to make one of these (or two) from my kiddos playhouse and for my deck!

  18. that is so adorable. It would go great in my guest bedroom! 🙂

  19. I hope this isn’t a duplicate comment….so sorry if it is. I just wanted to say it’s adorable and it would go great in my guest bedroom! 🙂

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