Technologically Overwhelmed

I am an admitted technology dunce! My hubby and I aren’t big techie people, we don’t always have the latest and greatest gadget. In fact we NEVER have the latest and greatest gadget while it’s still the “latest”. We will usually pick up to the trends a few years after they hit the scene. Not wanting to spend the money that comes with new technology and to be honest, a bit afraid of it!
A couple years ago my favorite Uncle bought me a Cricut for my birthday (nice Uncle huh?). In those years I have learned about it. Learned its positives and negatives. An obvious negative of course is how expensive the cartridges are. So after hearing about Sure Cuts A Lot for sometime and having it on my “wish list” for sometime, my Mom got it for me at Christmas. I was thrilled….and totally intimidated!
So a couple months later….I am just now installing it! So here I am looking at my computer screen, totally confused and intimidated! I’m also trying to decipher my first SLR camera. So right now I’m on a total techie overload!!!
If you have any helpful tips please pass them my way!!!! Help a girl out!


  1. No tips here, I’m in the same boat as you LOL! Good luck!

  2. oh I hope you get TONS of help with this! I’ve been meaning to write a post begging for someone to explain Sure Cuts A Lot to me, but just haven’t had time! I bought my Cricut last spring and the SCAL software and just can’t seem to figure it out! I downloaded Inkscape b/c I read you should but don’t know why or what to do with that either! People say you can get any font off-line and transfer it to SCAL but I have never once been able to make that happen!

    And why can’t I cut small letters or designs on vinyl?? The blade just keeps picking the vinyl up and everything gets ripped and ruined?? I need help SO bad with this!

  3. @ Natalie: I have that same problem with vinyl!!!

  4. This is one of my favorite sites to find cute free things to cut out with my cricut. You download the file and click on the add svg button. I know a little if you have any questions I’d be happy to try and help 🙂

  5. I just got a Cricut this week. So I can’t wait to get help with it. I want the SCAL software but like you don’t have a clue how it works. Keeping fingers crossed someone will help us out. Have a great week, Vicky

  6. Could you please post what you learn? Because I’m super intimidated by my cricut. I feel like it does way more than I know, but I don’t know where to even look to find out what it does. And the tutorials from cricut that I’ve seen online are a joke.

  7. My cricut is coming on Monday but I have been playing around with both programs, scal and Inkscape. There are a lot of videos on both programs, but with tutorials, you know how that goes, they are only as good as the experience of the people making them.

    I will try and answer the questions, I have quite a bit of techno savvy, and even though Inkscape is challenging to me, I have picked up quite a few tips from hunting down and watching/reading tutorials.

    I just started a new blogspot blog on working with Sure Cuts a Lot, I will be journaling every thing as I learn it and reviewing some of the better tutorials and sending my readers to them.

    It will be a “lets learn on this journey together experience.”

    I plan on using my cricut more for fabric than paper, and I have scoured for tips on cutting the heavier stuff, so I will be starting of explaining what I learned on this first, but I have to test out the advice before I recommend it.

  8. Hey, Courtney ~~

    The only way to learn it is by trial and error, at least for me!! I’ve got a cricut expression. I purchased SCAL and WON’T buy any more cartridges (I promise, I won’t get on my soapbox about THAT today, but if you really wanna know……)(Provo Craft didn’t like it when people posted projects made with ‘third party software’, **SCAL or MTC** and pretty much banned those posts…)

    When I first got my cricut, I learned A LOT by checking out the cricut forums. Since then, Provo Craft has changed things on their forums, and have introduced the ‘cricut circle’….. The more talented ladies have joined ‘the circle’ and if you’re not a member, then you can’t see the projects they post in ‘the circle’ forums………. So… I found another website, that was started by another cricut user that kind of thinks the way I do, and she has quite a few members and they are super talented, too!

    That website is

    Everyone over there is really nice!

    Another thing I’ve been doing is finding tutorials on You Tube. Good thing I live in Missouri, the Show Me state!! I am a visual learner………. I’m sure you know – – You can find almost anything on You Tube. Do a search on Inkscape or Sure Cuts A Lot. I also did a search to change a .jpg file to a .svg file. You have to use Inkscape, and you can download it for free. The videos help so much!! Just go out there and search! Participate in forums….. You know how to do it! It’s like blogging, only with a different subject!!

    Have fun! Don’t get mad at yourself if it doesn’t click right away! Relax and just learn. Even when something doesn’t turn out, you learned from it!!

    Have a great day and keep us all posted with your progress!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  9. Hi, Courtney – – It’s me…. again.

    Another blog I follow to learn SCAL is

    Denise is super and so helpful! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask her!! She’s really good and she’s so nice!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

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