Thrifty Thursday #2

This past weekend I was able to get a LITTLE thrifting done. The family went to the movies and Rango was sold out, so while we waited for the next showing I was able to thrift store hop a bit.
When I walked out of one of them carrying yet ANOTHER piece of furniture, hobbling across the parking lot, my hubby had one of those “I can’t believe she bought more furniture, I guess I better get out and help her” kind of looks.
I just couldn’t resist! She obviously needs some work….but look at the cool chicken wire like doors! For under $8 she was definitely coming home with me!
I also came home with yet another frame, something else I can’t stop buying! When I see a frame with cool detail I have to pick it up, even though I have a pretty good stash at home. I have plans for all of them…it’s just executing those plans that’s the hard part! There is also a shutter back there. I’m thinking maybe one of these but that can stay out year round?
I also found this Target wreath stand that I had been eyeing but didn’t like the price. I think it’s so cool that Target donates the items that haven’t sold in their stores. I picked this wreath stand up for just a few bucks; I’m going to give it a paint job though, copper isn’t my color.
So those are some of my latest thrifty finds! Have you found any cool things lately? Found any great deals?
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  1. I’ve never seen a wreath stand and I just LOVE the idea! Way cool!!!

  2. I found an antique chandelier dripping with crystals last night for $5. It has 3 HUGE french crystals. I’m taking it all apart to fix and rewire and clean the crystals.

  3. such cute finds! gotta just LOVE thrift stores!

  4. Haha, I know that look. Love the piece, though! It’s always exciting to find new things!

  5. That is a gorgeous frame and table. You got some really great buys.

  6. You would have been crazy not to buy those things. Especially that 8 dollar table. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  7. Great finds…..yes, the table needs a it of work but it will look great when you finish.

  8. Beautiful gold frame! Pottery Barn used to carry this beautiful gold frame, like yours, and they simply strung some horizontal wires (probably 3 or so down the frame) and used it to hang cards on. Cute idea! 🙂

  9. Awesome finds! I wish I could find cool things in thrift stores around me but I never do. What’s the secret?

  10. WOW! This week I found the basket in my St. Patrick’s Day LUCKY decor. Our Goodwill’s WAY overprice the furniture because they know there are girls like us out there…
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can’t wait to see what you have for next week!

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