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I am SO thrilled to have my friend Rosie from Reflections by Rosie here today! As I said yesterday, she is a fellow military spouse and we first met while our husbands were stationed in North Dakota. Not only has she started her own photography business (learning on her own from the ground up) but she is a mom of 3 with 1 more on the way! Rosie is insanely talented and she will be sharing her knowledge and tips with us! How lucky are we?
Reflections by Rosie Photography

So You Have a Nice Camera…‏

…but now what?
We live in an age where EVERYONE seems to have bright and shiny Digital Single Lens Reflex (or DSLR, the fancy cameras with interchangeable lenses) cameras with even fancier lenses. And camera straps. And bags. It almost can create a feeling of “mommy envy” when someone comes along with one of these cameras to take photos of their kids at the park, because CLEARLY their camera can take much better photos than yours. Right?
The real answer is: not necessarily! You can take great photos of your kids, crafts, or even clouds if you can put a little “know-how” behind your lens.
Seriously! If I can do it with my almost four kids (yes, FOUR…and my oldest is only four!) and crazy schedule, then you can, too.
Here are my first four tips to consider once you take your new camera out of the box, or old camera off of Auto mode:
First, just because you paid $1,000 for a new camera and 18-55 or other kit lenses, does not mean that you can take pro-quality photos right away. These cameras often do have “Auto” mode; however, PLEASE do yourself the favor and learn about how to run your Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and other modes. Otherwise, you may have just spend a grand on a great point-and-shoot.
(More on what you can do in those special modes in future articles!)
Second, don’t be afraid of your camera. Spend A LOT of time behind it. Make it your best friend while you learn it. Your kids and husbands may get annoyed with it for awhile, but they will thank you later when you have great images to remember special events.

Third, do yourself a favor and DO NOT invest in editing software until you become very familiar with your camera. I know that not everyone may agree with me on this one (especially in the Photoshop age!), but the BEST advice a pro photographer gave me two years ago when I bought my DSLR was to LEARN YOUR CAMERA first. Editing software is always changing, and can be overwhelming. In other words, learning these programs are a learning experience themselves. Keep remembering the mantra “Junk in, junk out! Junk in, junk out!”…when you take a photo. If you can’t learn to take a photo that you are proud of straight out of camera (SOOC), then it may not even be worth editing.

We all can use some extra time, right? That way, we can enjoy things like BLUEBONNETS!

Shameless Texas plug, I know!

I am looking forward to working with Courtney on monthly posts about photography. I hope that I can help some of you learn to appreciate this art form that I hold dear to my heart! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at, or via my Facebook Fan Page at Reflections by Rosie Photography. I live in League City, Texas, with my wonderful husband, two daughters, one son (and soon one more son!). Life is good!
Thank you so much Rosie and I know I’m looking forward to hearing from you every month!
If you live in the League City, Texas area (or surrounding areas) and you would like more information about Reflections by Rosie photography please visit her site at

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