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I’d like to welcome Lyssa from Born Again Crafters here today…..

My inspirations? HEre. I love the simple look of it. I have had these pillowcases for about a year. I got them from my mom. They were my grandmother’s. Right when I saw them, I knew I wanted to make dresses out of them but wasn’t loving the styles I was seeing. So after I saw that dress, I was set. Then I saw this and that gave me a push to get going on it!
Are you ready for this?
Can a tutorial have too many pictures because this might take the cake…
Triple Ruffles Pillowcase Dress Tutorial:
-Sewing machine with thread
-iron and ironing board
-invisible marker or something to mark on fabric.
-Cutting Mat, ruler and cutting roller(? what’s the official name for this?)
Step one: put your pillowcase inside out.

Step 2: grab a dress of desired length and mark that. If you have a decorative edge like mine did, then you measure from that. Otherwise, measure from the top so you can take advantage of the edge.
Step 3: grab your ruler and cutter and cut your length.

Step 4: Fold in half, hotdog style, and draw how you want your dress to be. I tried to be as simple as possible. I didn’t want to mess with sleeves so I included them in the main part. I apologize for the horrible picture but there are some slight marks on the fabric where I guesstimated where I would want her armpit, top of the sleeve and the collar.
**make sure you leave enough room for their chest.  The fabric I used wasn’t stretchy so it was tight to get on.  It worked fine but I would have cut it wider.  And most pillow cases aren’t stretchy so leave room for that***

Step 5: Cut out your dress. You want to make sure you make room for 1/2 inch margin for sewing!

Step 6: Open it up and check to make sure it looks even and good.

Step 7: Cut 3-4 inches or so on the back side of the dress so your daughter’s head will fit into the dress. I learned out to do this HERE. She also has a very adorable dress!

Step 8: Now onto the sleeves and collar of the dress. At the armpit, you want to cut about 1/2 inch or whatever your margin will be.

Step 9: Go to the ironing board. Press your sleeves back. Once they are all pressed, pin them.

Step 10: Do the same with the collar. Since the collar turns, it helps to cut notches (see pic for what I mean)

Step 11: Sew the sleeve cuff and collar

Alright, now onto the dress part!
Step 11: Lay out your dress and iron it, making sure it’s all lined up and smooth.

Step 12: pin the dress together. Then sew it together on the sides and shoulder.

Step 13: Now onto the back closure. Cut out a strip about 2 inches by how long your cut on your closure is…and add about an inch.

Step 13: Now when that’s cut out, iron it flat then fold it in half hot dog style.

Step 14: Open it up and then fold up one half up to the middle. Then to that to the other half.

Step 14: Then fold it in half again with the folds tucked in and then press with iron.

Step 15: Oops, forgot to fold one edge in! Press one half in!

Step 16: Next, fold over the closure in the back. Tuck the dress in between the strip and pin.

Step 17: Start with the folded edge and sew. When you get to the end, leave about 1/2 inch and stop. Trim the excess strip and fold and tuck in. Then sew and do a backwards stitch!

Done with that for now!

Step 18: Next onto the Ruffles. Take the extra fabric that was cut off at the beginning and cut it into 3 equal strips.
Either put on Anti-Fray stuff or hem the sides for the ruffle strips.  1 wash and there was lots of thread!
Step 19: We are doing a basting stitch so just do a stitch down the middle.

Step 20: Don’t do any backward stitching on this. Pull at the top thread and gather!

Step 21: Do that with all three and pin to dress where you want them to go!

Step 22: Once you are happy of the placement, then sew down the middle. Do backward stitching at the beginning and end.

Step 23: Now the last step is to secure the closure in the back.

I took the easy route and grabbed some heat-activated velcro. It is so easy to use and makes things easy!

I trimmed the right size then applied it onto the dress. Follow instructions on the box to adhere to the dress.

There you go! Nice and secure 🙂

And there’s the dress! I LOVE how it turned out really. It’s perfect for Spring & Summer coming up. I hope this tutorial makes sense and will be fun for you too!

Thank you so much Lyssa for posting here today! I love that ruffle dress, it’s just adorable!
If you haven’t already, stop by and check out Born Again Crafter!!!


  1. Thank you again for the feature! It was an honor!!

  2. I’m gonna try it:)

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