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A big welcome to Melissa from That Girl …….


Hey there! This is Melissa from That Girl.

I’m a frugal livin’, craft lovin’, newly wed that was given the privilege to guest post here today! And today, my new friends, I will teach you to make a “Wire Bird’s Nest” charm. If you have been on etsy lately you will have seen these babies everywhere!

 I figured, why not try to create one ourselves?
So here is what I used to create this baby
Jewelry Essentials Stringing 26 gauge cooper wire in silver
Bead Gallery 6mm Blue dyed Jade beads
Husband’s Wire Cutter
The first thing you need to do is cut 5 feet of wire. Then string 3 beads about 3 inches
 from the start of the wire.
You will then create a triangle with the beaded wire and twist the wire several times to secure the beads.
You will have two strands.
Leave the smaller strand (tail) alone and begin to work with the longest end.
Circle your beads 4 to 5 times.
(exaggerated to get the idea)
 To secure the beads into place, take your threading wire and go under the wire holding your three beads together, and then pull it over the outer wire creating a loop. Repeat this three times going between each bead.
After you go around all three beads begin wrapping the wire around again. Repeat these steps two or three more times until you reach your desired nest size.
Now when I was done wrapping  I took one end and knotted it and then with the excess wire I made a small loop for my chain to go through. The other end I knotted off and attached a small charm
 to add a little extra bling 
And ta-daa! Done.
Easy, Cheap and Super cute!
26 gauge cooper wire $2.99
beads $2.49
For more DIY crafts be sure to stop by
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Melissa that necklace is adorable and very sweet! Perfect necklace for Spring! Thanks so much for posting here today!!!

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