Thrifty Thursday #14

I’m still feeling pretty puny and not quite 100%! I’m trying to shake this flu thing before the holiday weekend hits! Luckily I had already done some thrifty shopping for the week!

I picked up some more frames, I need to get started on some chalkboards for my next event! Talking about that, is anyone interested in a tutorial on how I do my magnetic chalkboards???
I found this cute little old stool for under $2. I’ve only done one “re-upholstery” project and I figured this stool would be a little more practice! Plus it’s just so cute, or it will be!
I was going to lay off buying old books for awhile, I have a ton in my stash. But when you come upon some fabulous old books at a good price it’s hard to resist! I also found a few more fabulous silver pieces.
My next show is 2 weeks away and here I sit, sick and unable to really do anything! Ugh….this is what makes the stress meter go up!!!
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  1. I would love to see a tutorial on a magnetic chalkboard since I tend to screw up simple projects like that. 🙂 Hope you feel better!

  2. I too would love to see a tutorial! Always nice to learn how to do something new! Feel better soon!

  3. Great finds.

  4. Hi, yes, I’d love to see a tutorial on the magnetic chalkboard frames, plus I’d like to see how you do the chalkboard on silver. I tried it but mine didn’t come out very good.

  5. Love all of your finds! I’m a sucker for both frames and books . . . just picked up more at a flea market today! Hope you’re feeling better soon — nothing worse than being sick in the summer AND when you have a lot to do!

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