Thrifty Thursday Finds #18

This weekend, as I was running errands I spotted an estate sale sign. A had a brief thought that it was probably not worth stopping for and I had a long list of “to-do’s”….that thought didn’t last too long. I turned around and headed back. I didn’t buy a whole lot….but I’m so glad that I stopped.
I had gone through most of the house and yard when I stumbled across these old glass bottles in the garage. I was instantly drawn to them. They were an assortment of different household products, all different sizes and purposes. I was surprised to find this snuff bottle with the label in such good condition.
There were some cool Lysol and Clorox bottles.
I also found a bag of these old metal molds. There were quite a few of them in there and I got the whole bag for $5. I’m looking for ideas for what to do with all of these, I have a couple ideas. Any suggestions?
It even came with these teeny tiny molds. Were they used for candy making?
While I was scouring the holiday decorations I came upon an old tattered falling apart box filled with vintage Christmas ornaments. I couldn’t believe that someone hadn’t snatched these up already!!!
I was really thrilled to find these. Christmas bulbs are so fragile, especially these old ones and the fact that they have survived is very awesome. Look at all that sparkle!!!
So I would say that this was a pretty fabulous thrifty week!
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  1. Those are some great finds! I’m really into bottles lately and am a bit jealous! LOL!

  2. Are those tiny tins for brandy snap type baskets for desserts or for sweeties? xx

  3. Great finds. Love the old bottles. The tiny tins are for tarts. Add some pie crust and bake, then fill with some yummy filling, i.e. lemon, cherry, strawberries would be perfect this time of year – delish.

  4. Wow! You scored!

  5. Fabulous finds! I have a box of ornaments that were my grandmother’s – most of them pink. One of these days, if I ever have a granddaughter, she’ll have her own special tree. For now, they’re packed safely away.

    Love the bottles too! Can’t wait to see what you do w/everything!

    Dropping by from Jen’s Weekend Wrap Up party.

  6. I don’t know if its the real name but in my family we call those vintage ornaments shiney brights!! LOVE THEM!! what a great find!!

  7. Great finds!!

  8. There are lots of recipes for using the tins both the large & small ones. The small ones are made for Madeleines (a French tea cake) but don’t limit yourself to just them. I have one set of the small tins for baking & wish I had more.

  9. Way cool stuff.

  10. I have some of these tattered vintage/ old Christmas bulbs that I would like to sell. If anyone is interested.They can contact me by e- mail and I can send some pictures. I have yellow,gold,pink,red,blue,green

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