Overwhelmed & Uninspired

So I’ve spent the better part of this week piling up tissues and feeling an overwhelming sense of yuck! About the only thing I have accomplished is resting and drinking lots of orange juice! To be honest I think the inside of my head looks a little bit like this picture too!
Here’s a little glimpse into my mind….
-I’m having surgery next week
-Next week is also my birthday
-It’s ALSO my blog’s 1st birthday
-I’ve got a fabulous week of giveaways planned
-School starts in a couple weeks
-I need to get my monthly craft classes together
-I’m thinking about holiday crafts….
and so on!
Need I say more? I think I need two of me for the next few weeks….one that will have surgery and recover from the surgery and the other one of me that can run around and do all these other things. So not only is my list long but I haven’t been able to check ANY of them off the list. Sigh.
Any volunteers for a unpaid assistant domestic intern?
So…..keep a look out for some pretty awesome things coming up! Are you excited? I know I am!!!


  1. i hope you feel better soon!
    my bday is next week, too! my son and i both celebrate our bdays on august 9. what day is yours?

  2. @ Cassie: Mine is also August 9th! 😀

  3. Sorry to hear that you are overwhelmed! It doesn’t help much, I know but You Are Not Alone!

  4. So sorry to hear how overwhelmed you are. You are not alone and I too share a birthday this month.
    So, Happy Birthday!

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