Thrifty Thursday #19

Thank goodness I had already done my thrifty shopping for the week….I woke up yesterday with a wicked cold! Aren’t Summer colds the pits? I have so much on my “to-do” list right now and none of it is getting done…..I guess there is never a good time for a momma to get sick, is there? I did find some good stuff though…..
I’ve been on the lookout for an old suitcase and this one was right for the price, at only a few bucks. I have a fun project planned, can’t wait!
I found a pretty cool picture frame with a lot of pretty detail. Trying to decide what I’ll do with it; mirror, chalkboard, or (what it’s intended for) a picture frame.
I was so happy to find this old mason jar. It has a little crack on the back of the jar but for $.60 it was a steal!
I found this small wood shutter, new in plastic. I think it will make an appearance with my Christmas projects. So, what have your found lately?

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  1. Summer colds STINK…but that picture frame ALMOST makes up for it! Love it, and love your blog! Keep up the good work!

  2. Loving the jar, i have a thing for re-cycled jars i would pop a tea light in that but after a bit of shuzzing 😉 Stop by my blog for a few candle jar ideas 🙂

  3. Those are fun finds. I just found a vintage train travel case that my mom used for her make-up that looks similar to your suit case. I’ve been wanting one just like my moms so I can put my sewing notions in it. I also found a ton of stuff recently to finish my son’s Owl Nursery – including nesting dolls that I refinished. See here:

  4. You found some great items there. Wonderful ball jar for 60 cents? Score!
    i am curious to see what you do with that neat frame you found. My sis and I love to go on thrifting adventure each week..I found some great linens and she found some great pottery and a shelf. Which just stated a new series, ” The adventures of Picky and Picky-er

  5. So! You would call that suitcase “vintage”, right? Well, guess I”M ‘vintage then! My mom and dad bought me 2 pieces of that same luggage. How sad is that?? I’m vintage! Well, it beats the alternative! And LOVE that jar! I got one just like it when I went thrifting a while back! So great…now I’ve started yet ANOTHER collection!! (hehe). Thanks for sharing. Hope you shake that cold quickly!

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