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I hope the weekend treated you well! It’s the first Monday of the month so it’s time for some photo taking tips from Rosie at Reflections by Rosie! Yipee!!!


Thinking Through Your Photos

 Okay, this month, I’m going to tackle a more serious issue…thinking through your photos as a whole.  The past few months, we have gone over simple things like lightperspective, composition and how to relax.  Now I need to give you one more suggestion- to THINK through your pictures. 

When I first started learning how to use a camera, I admit that I used to be snap happy.  When I had the camera up to my eye, I would just snap away, thinking that of 100 pictures I take, I have to get at least 10 nice ones, right?  RIGHT?   I think that many of us have been there in the digital photography age.   After all, you can just delete the photo if you don’t like it, right?

While I snapped away, I didn’t realize that I was running up my shutter actuation (how many times you “click”), which wears on my camera.  Then I found out that deleting my photos in-camera was wearing on my expensive memory cards.   THEN I had to buy an external hard drive in order to save my poor little laptop.   AND THEN…AND THEN…AND THEN….Yeah, the list went on and on.  

So I had to do something different.  I learned to BREATHE before taking a picture.

Whenever I look through my lens, I now think before I click.   Even if the subjects look awesome, will you notice when you pull the images up that, in the background, there was a pole you didn’t notice and now it appears to be growing from one of your subject’s head?   Or, if you sense a breakdown from one of your kids, is it better to snap away, or put the camera down, reTHINK things, and then go at it under better circumstances?  

A pet peeve that most photographers have is the common misconception that all photographers LOVE Photoshop.  We LOVE it so much that we can do anything in it.  Well, you CAN do a lot, but it takes A LOT of time and education to do it.  Honestly, most of us would much rather spend time with our families than taking things out of backgrounds in photos or replacing people’s faces with a smiling one or fixing their bodies.   We would rather think through our posing, look through our lens and scrutinize the light and background, and get the BEST image straight-out-of-camera (SOOC) than have to rework things in Photoshop or other expensive editing programs.   Honestly, I try to keep OUT of Photoshop as much as I can.  In my opinion, if an image doesn’t look good SOOC, then Photoshop can only do so much (“Junk in, junk out,” as I always say!).    I try to stay away from Photoshop as much as I can, and I am VERY grateful to my husband and family for allowing me to have so much practice with them!

Anyways, I what I’m trying to say is that, before you CLICK, think!  Do you have your kids or subjects in the place you want them to be?  Do you want something more posed, or candid?  How is the light?  Too bright?  Then change it up!!  Change your perspective!  Think a bit more!   As a natural light photographer, I am not opposed to laying in the dirt or grass to get a great shot.  It’s all part of the job, but it helps me create great SOOCs!   It also keeps me out of Photoshop, helps to save on my memory cards and my external hard drives, AND it helps to save my camera so that it can be used for a long time.   Once everything I’m looking for is in check (light, composition, my camera settings, my subjects, etc., etc.), THEN I click.  I’m constantly thinking. 

This month, as you are thinking about your holiday photos (they are coming up soon!), please try to pull some of the advice I’ve been giving you all together so you can create your best card ever.  Your family will thank you!  So will your wallet! 😉


Thanks so much Rosie!!! 

Thank you Rosie for sharing your awesome photo tips!!! If you live in the League City, TX area and your looking for a photographer stop by Rosie’s site and drop her a line.

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