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Have you all recovered from Thanksgiving? Or are you still in a turkey coma??? I bet a lot of you aren’t even home right now! I bet your out in the cold standing in line to get the best Black Friday deals that you can find! Well, so am I! Right about now I am probably waiting in line at Kohls….or maybe still shopping at Toys R Us! Or maybe I’ve given up completely and I’m home in my nice warm bed!

To be continued……


Hi, I’m Jessica


and I’m super duper excited to be a guest here at A Diamond in the Stuff!
I’ve got a fun, quirky little tutorial to share with you today.
How to make GAUNTLETS from an old sweater!

Isn’t she lovely?  Yes, I think so too!  Too bad she shrunk {or perhaps I’ve expanded…humph}!
I was going to throw her in the donation bag but then I had a
{that’s my way of saying idea…teehee}

Why not use the sleeves of this beauty to make me some more gauntlets like the ones above!
I know…I’m a genius!
So…I did!

And it was SUPER easy!
Now…before we proceed…I’d like to clarify one thing!
This tutorial is to show you how you can make your own gauntlets from a shrunken sweater…
NOT on my amazing seamstress skills…which, as you’ll see, I’m completely lacking them!
Okay…now that we have that out of the way…let’s get goin’!

Lay your existing gauntlet over the sleeve and cut away!  
I didn’t cut right next to the existing glove…I left some wiggle room for hems.
Now, if you don’t have a gauntlet to use as your template don’t fret…
there are instructions below to show you how to make these bad boys from fabric!

As you can see, the sweater is a little wider than the gauntlet. 
Simply trim that off…

by lining up your gauntlet to and sewing a straight line. 
{this may prove more difficult for some…uhum}

Now it should be nice and snug…but gosh darnet…what about that thumb!?!

Easy!  Line it up, pin it, and cut a hole!

See my finger in there…it’s trying to play hide n’ seek apparently!

Now you can leave the edge raw or hem it.  
My sweater was a little loosely woven so it needed a good hem job!

Beautify with buttons and voila!  
You’ve got yourself some homemade gauntlets!

Ready for the instructions on how to make these if you don’t already have gauntlets?
Oh alright…here they are…
1. Take measurements.  {a} Measure around your hand, just below the base of your fingers.  Then {b} measure from your finger knuckles to wherever you want the gauntlets to end. Fill in the blanks…
{a} = _________” / 2 = ___________” + 1″ seam allowance + 1/2″ ease = _________
{b} = __________” +2″ for hems
2. Cut it out. Cut four rectangles based on your {a} and {b} measurements. Make sure the greatest stretch runs horizontally across your hands.
3. Stitch the thumb side seams.  Place two fabric pieces right sides together.  Place them on your arm where you will be wearing them, taking into account the seam allowance, On one of the long sides, mark where the opening for your thumb should be.  Stitch that side, with a backtack on either side of the thumb opening.  Match the opening as you sew the second gauntlet.
4. Finish the side seams. Finger press the thumb side seam allowances open and topstitch them into place 1/4″ away from seam.  With right sides together, stitch the remaining side seam using a 1/2″ seam allowance.
5. Hem the ends.  Turn the ends under 1/2″ and stitch them in place.
6. Embellish as you see fit or leave plain.
If this is confuses you…which it did me until I made my own…stop by

and follow along…there will be a more detailed tutorial for these very soon!
You should also totally stop by and check out my…

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and trust me…there are a ton of fabulous tutes and recipes coming…and even a fun little party…
My World Made by Hand

I hope to see you soon…


Thank you SO much Jessica for stopping by and posting!!! What an awesome idea for upcycling an old sweater! I’m sure you will have some people digging through their ruined clothing or hunting at thrift stores for sweaters. I think these would be perfect for caroling with your family while sipping some hot coco!!!


  1. This helps me figure out something fun for the younger ones on my gift list.
    Thank you.

  2. Very cute recycle! (and it looks warm, too!)

  3. Cute! I’ll admit to being lazy….I just cut the thumb holes into the sleeve (after I felt the wool). Yours are way more adorable, especially with the buttons added.

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