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Hi everyone! I’m Mackenzie from Friday Night Date Night and am SO EXCITED to be here on 
A Diamond in the Stuff! Thanks Courtney for this opportunity!

I blog about dating your spouse. Since Hubby and I are still in school, we have a very limited budget. Especially for extras like dates. This being the case, we are determined to have date night at least once a week. Even if it’s at home, and with little or no cash.

The holidays bring plenty of opportunities to go on fun dates. We have found some really fun ones lately, and all for free!

Every year, our little town puts on a “Night of Miracles”. It was so great!

The community pulls together and builds a mini Bethlehem complete with buildings, animals and everything in between.

“Bethlehem” was set up in a large field behind our local grocery store. It’s residents were all in costume and went about their daily lives while visitors like us wandered around to see what we could find. 

They brought in all sorts of animals. Llamas, pheasants, camels, sheep and goats!

Poor things must have been freezing…  

…it was so cold!

As you entered Bethlehem, you were given some fake money so you could pay taxes while there. 

I couldn’t believe how much effort and attention to detail was put into this thing. They even brought in palm trees!

Hubby and I invited some of our good friends to share this experience with us. I love group dates almost as much as one-on-one dates!

Small fires were surrounded the perimeter for light and markets sold food and jewelry.

Eventually, Mary and Joseph arrived in “Bethlehem” and made their way to an Inn. Does the Inn keeper actually have a tattoo on his neck?!….Ahem 
Dear City Council, perhaps an Inn keeper without tattoos would be better next year. 
-Just a thought.

After they were turned away, we followed them to a stable where shepherds arrived from the fields, followed by three elaborately dressed kings. 

If you are like me, you have heard the Christmas story countless times. This was a great way to experience it though. Actually being there gave me a whole new perspective and made it so much more real. 

As everyone arrived to see the baby Jesus I felt overwhelmed with love for my Savior and so grateful for this Christmas season. I love when people pull together to make things happen. This was a great experience that was shared with everyone for free! 

What a wonderful date this was! I love taking the time each week to focus on developing a better relationship with my hubby. This one came with an extra bonus. A reminder of what this Christmas season is really about. 

So go out in your community and see what you can find. There are so many free activities that you can go on, you just need to find them! And stop by Friday Night Date Night for ideas! I LOVE free dates. Who doesn’t? 

Happy Dating and Merry Christmas!


Thank you so much Mackenzie for sharing this awesome idea! It’s a great reminder, especially this time of year, to not forget to make time for our significant other.
Head over to Friday Night Date Night for every more awesome date night ideas!

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