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Okay, I am going to write about two words that can cause a mom’s blood pressure to shoot through the roof….I am just going to type this fast, because it does the same for me….okay. Bandaid approach (fast!): HOLIDAY PICTURES! 
Phew. I said it. 
Unless you have the ability to hire someone to take your photos, chances are, YOU are going to be the one doing it. And YOU are going to have to figure out how and where to pose your adorable children, whose ears seem to turn off and whose smiles seem hard to come by. Yeah, I’ve been there. I was there a couple of weeks ago, when I had to take a photo of my four kids. I am going to pass along some tips that I can only hope will make your experience more pleasant this year….or at least helps to lower your blood pressure a bit. 1) Pick a location that’s fun. And SAFE. Sure, it may be cute to have your wobbly five-month old sitting on a bench by herself..but is is SAFE? Unless you have an adult standing RIGHT THERE next to the baby and something to protect her, probably not. Maybe consider putting her on the ground and in something like a Bumbo (and you will still want to have another adult helping you out!). 
2) Who is the one behind the camera? If your baby or kids like to laugh at one particular parent more than the other (Hey, it happens!), I would suggest having the parent who your kid(s) smile at standing right over the shoulder of the person taking the actual picture. That way, the kids are looking in the direction of the camera, and you can avoid common mistakes like camera shake if the person behind the camera or tripod can stay steady. 3) Sing songs to little ones. They love that. 
4) Talk to the older kids. Try to keep it as easy-going as possible….hard to always follow thorugh on, but really try to think about what you can talk to them about during the session to keep them happy; and if necessary, bring something for them to snack on (like Cherrios for the little ones…they aren’t sticky and they don’t tend to stain clothes like candy or other food items may). 4) Lucky for everyone, the new “posing guides” for holiday portraits are nowhere near as rigid as they have been in years past. “Un-posing” your kids is really popular, and it does help to take the stress out a bit from your kids. For my photo (below), I knew that I wasn’t going to get all four of my kids to look at my camera and smile at the same time. It just wasn’t going to happen. So, I posed them (had two adults just off-frame), stepped back, and watched them act like, well…themselves! The result wasn’t your stereotypical Christmas Card; however, for my family, it was perfect. I was able to capture the personality of all of my kids in one snap: 
5) If you really want a “posey” pose for the card, do that first. The kids won’t have the energy to do this over and over again, so really think out your poses beforehand. 
6) Finally, HAVE FUN! After you are finished with the “posey” poses (which, honestly should last about 5 minutes if possible. I know that SEEMS short for us as adults, but that’s a LONG time for kiddos), try doing something fun, like having the kids tickle each other. Once they get their sillies out, then you can try posing again. 🙂 
What great advice Rosie!! 
If you live in the League City, Texas area and your in need of some family photos contact Rosie at Reflections by Rosie.


  1. Awesome ideas! We only have one at the moment, but I’ll remember these for some future date.:)

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