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Hello! I am Jen from theslum.wordpress.com. If your blog is your baby, then we are a preemie. My blog is brand new, I’m really not sure what I’m doing half the time, but I am always having fun. Please come visit me and share your thoughts, suggestions, and words of encouragement. You can also “Like” us on Facebook and follow our adventures there. I am super excited to share with you today my idea for Lampshade Covers. I love these because they are cheap, easy, and are flexible for year-round use. You may insert your own jokes at this point 😉 How many of you have those dull, boring, basic lampshades on a kitchen or dining room chandelier? YYYAAAWWWNNN. We do and when I looked at replacements, WOW, they weren’t exactly cheap. Not that they were expensive either but nothing out there really did anything for me. That’s when this idea came to me.
Here’s what you’ll need: one lampshade, cardstock of your choice (one sheet for each lampshade), a pencil, scissors, glue or tape (I forgot to include this in the picture), cardboard (optional)

This first step is optional but I like to do it to create a good template. You may skip this step and begin by tracing on the cardstock instead. Place the lampshade on the cardboard at the top left corner. Begin with the seam of the shade down near the paper on the left side. Using your pencil, make dashes along the top, left side, and bottom of the shade. When you are finished, begin to roll the lampshade to the right and continue with your dashes along the top and bottom. When the seam reaches the right side of the paper, mark the right side of the shade and your outline is complete.
Next, connect your dashes to make your outline and cut your cardboard.

Use your template to trace on your cardstock and cut your cardstock when complete. 
Wrap your cardstock around your lampshade, adhere with glue or tape, and now your chandelier is festive for the season.
You can always get a bit fancier with ric-rac, ribbons, or use only one design of paper. The choice is up to you! Thank You Diamond in the Stuff for allowing me to share this idea with you! I hope everyone enjoys this simple, flexible, inexpensive craft!
Thank you so much Jen for stopping by and sharing your adorable lampshade covers!!! I love that they can be changed out for the different holidays and seasons! Not to mention inexpensive!!! Great job!!!


  1. Oh! You may have just inspired me to add some colour to my plain cream-coloured shades in the kitchen! Now which papers will I use…….

  2. I love these! Thank you for sharing this easy tutorial. I’m pinning this now! {and I’m your newest follower!}

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