Thrifty Thursday #28

I feel like I haven’t written a Thrifty Thursday post in forever! But don’t think for ONE second that means that I haven’t been on the search for some thrifty goodness. I have been stocking thrifty goods away like a little thrifty chipmunk. Ok, this just got weird!
I found these old mason jars while we were on our trip to Illinois. The price was so right that they left me wondering if I could some how get them all the way back to California with breaking them. I decided it was worth trying so I wrapped this suckers up in scarves and stuffed them with socks, crossed my fingers that the luggage handlers were feeling extra careful that day, and packed them away. Amazingly they made it hope safe as can be!
Something else that I found on our trip was this old wooden printers tray. Now can you imagine my thought process while I tried to figure out how I was getting this home! Luckily it also fit into my suitcase!! I got so excited when I spotted it! I’ve seen a ton of these featured on blogs but I’ve never actually found one myself.
I found a bag of these tiny vintage ornament balls for under $3. They will be perfect for filling in the spaces on my vintage ornament wreath…..that I have yet to make. I also picked up two of these silver trays. I loved their unique look and tarnished silver!! I’m a sucker for tarnished silver.
And there’s even more awesome finds!!! 
Check out these totally awesome vintage ice skates! Wouldn’t they be great for decorating a Winter vignette??? 
I found a huge box of these old printer letters. I sat there for awhile trying to spell out different words and decided on “Love”. Maybe because Valentine’s day is on my mind or maybe just because there weren’t a huge variety of letters. These will definitely be making an appearance in my Valentine decor this year!
Last but SO not least……I found these old wooden white spindles. I love love love old architectural finds! I already have plans for these little lovelies!!! 
Welp that’s it for now! I have more thrifty finds to share but they will have to wait until next week! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my thrifty goodness!
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  1. You had some amazing finds. I love your printers tray. Sooo many possibilities!!

  2. Great minds shop alike? I just featured a printers tray that I found thrifting too! Love yours with the “legs”. Happy to hear you could shoe horn it into your suitcase 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the spindles. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the spindles. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Such great finds! My husband would have died! He wouldn’t have even let me shop if he knew we had to hop on an airplane!

  6. GREAT FINDS!!! thanks for sharing!

  7. LOVE the ice skates and the spindles. I just found a pair of vintage blades … so exciting!

  8. Wow! How big is that suitcase? Awesome finds. Saw you on TT&J

  9. Great finds!! I love thrifting!

  10. sooo fun! did you find these at thrift shops or did you go someplace else? I’d love to know where you can generally find really awesome stuff like this!

  11. I just picked up a pair of black ice skates and still have them slung over our entry bench. Nice scores.

  12. Wow, you totally scored! I’m completely jealous! 🙂 nice job.

  13. Wow you totally score, I’m completely jealous! Nice job. 🙂 new follower from I heart nap time.

  14. Wow! What great finds you have found. I would love that wooden compartment thing. 🙂

  15. Wow! You lucked out! I love the spindles and the vintage skates. Oh! the vignettes you could make! Can’t wait to see them! BTW – I am a new follower!


  17. Visiting from the Shabby Nest! Absolutely love all the thrifty finds (especially the skates)! Thanks for the inspiration!


  18. Man! You find the best stuff! I found some blue Mason jars the other day too, but I was disappointed to find that they wanted $6 each for them. It seemed like way too much for me. Should I have bought some at that price? I just feel like I can stumble upon some somewhere for less.

  19. I am so jealous of those finds! Those jars (I have a thing for jars) and that printers tray and well all of it. OK, and I just read the about section carefully…I am in Monterey Peninsula area…are you anywhere near there?! I am following yo on Pinterest now too!

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