Thrifty Thursday #30

Not only is this the 30th Thrifty Thursday post but it’s my 400th post! 

Phew! I’m tired just thinking about all that blogging! 

Over the weekend I went thrift store shopping with the shopping club here on base. Yes, we have a shopping club! How awesome is that? Luckily I was able to find some pretty awesome finds! Although I think the other ladies probably thought I was nutty. While they were finding awesome clothing finds, I was buying old books and other odd finds!

I found these old wooden finials for $2 a pop. That’s under the cost of the finials at the craft store and they have much more character! I love finials and finial projects so I’m looking forward to changing things up!
Even though I have a stack of old sheet music I can’t resist a good deal on it! I picked up a few books for just a few bucks and I was thrilled to score a Christmas music book! Tucking that away for Christmas!
Check out this awesome cabinet that I found. I can just see it made over with an awesome paint job and a flat screen tv perched on top. Do you see that price tag there? $16.99! I can never resist a piece of furniture at a good price. With a little TLC I think it’s going to be a great piece!!!
Welp that’s it for this week! Have you found anything fun or fantastic this week???
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  1. Great finds! I love that cabinet! Can’t wait to see how you beautify it! ~ Barbara

  2. Congrats on 400 posts. I love seeing you go from trash to treasures on your projects.

  3. what are finials and what are you going to do with them? I love thrifting! I want a club! 🙂

  4. I’m so inspired everytime I read about your fab finds…I’m going to start frequenting our Goodwill – wish me luck! I just hope I have the “eye” for things like you do…

  5. congrats on your 400th post! That’s a lot of blogging and picture taking and project making. I really appreciate all your hard work and creativity.

  6. Hi! Congrats on all that prolific-ness (not a real word, I know 🙂 )! I loved this post–I am a big time thrifter, but I hardly ever blog about it. I loved sharing your triumphs! I’m visiting from Beth’s Tutorials and Tips link party.

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