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hi, im aimee from over at twigg studios, i was asked to guest post here at a diamond in the stuff, on the last friday of every month. (super honoured)
so i put together this easter themed project together especially for you.
easter is not that far away, and this is a cheap way to add some themed decor to your home
 what you need
wallpaper paste
brown paper
coat hanger
faux eggs
glue gun
cling film
muffin tin
first you need to put the brown paper through the shreader

 mix some wall paper paste, then add the shreaded paper into it and mix it in.
 then cover the muffin tins with cling film upside down so you are using the bottom, then get a handful of the glue mixed paper and mould over the muffin tin ( be prepaired to get a bit messy, i put down a bin bag)
press them all on firmly, into a nest shape, like the photo below and then you must leave to dry
 then remove them when they are slighty wet still, and add some more paper, then put them into the the muffin tin the right way around and then leave again to dry, i put mine next to the fan heater to help it dry
 like this

 once they are dry, get the glue gun and the faux eggs,( i got some spotted plastic ones for £1)
 then get the coat hanger and bend into a circle shape as best as you can.
 glue the eggs into the nests and arrange them around the coat hanger.

 i cut small pieces of felt then i used them to help glue them to the hanger, i used the glue gun, and put glue on to the felt, then attached it to the nest on the hanger.

and its done, a cute nest wreath


Wow Aimee!!! Thanks so much for that awesome tutorial!!! You’ve got my creative wheels already spinning!!!


  1. Fab idea, great for Easter! x

  2. This is the cutest Easter idea! Thanks for a great tutorial Aimee! ~Marcy

  3. Such a great idea for Easter!

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