Time to Shine {Party} No 57

Life usually feels like it is swirling around us. Things happen and we react. We are usually just trying to just keep up and move forward. Then all of a sudden, your 6 year old declarers that she is ready to ditch her training wheels for two wheeled independence! Sigh. The world stands still and you realize just how fast the world is spinning and how precious this time is.

So let’s take a minute and sit still while we check out what you guys have been up to this week……

A Diamond in the Stuff

Here’s the Do’s and Dont’s for the party:

DO grab my button so we can spread the word, you must link to participate!

DO NOT link to your blog, link only the specific post permalink!

DO share the comment love!

DO NOT link to your Etsy shop or online store!

DO follow along if you like!

If your link gets deleted, make sure you followed all the DO’s and DONT’s! If all else fails, contact me and please have fun!


  1. Thanks for hosting!!! Have a great day!

  2. I still remember the day my son ditched his training wheels! He’s 31!! Thanks for hosting this party. I always look forward to it!

  3. I could not agree more. I have a 6-y-o princess and it makes me sad to think about how fast she is growing up. Goodness, being a parent is tough! Hang in there and thanks so much for hosting!!

  4. I love your blog! This was my first time linking up… Thanks!

  5. thanks so much for hosting 🙂



  6. All that pink cheer… can’t stay sentimental for too long. No matter how big she gets, you’ll still that little girl in there somewhere!

  7. Time really flies by when you’re not looking, doesn’t it? Thanks for hosting!

  8. Thanks for hosting! 😀

  9. Thanks so much for hosting!!

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