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I had never heard about Norwex until recently. I was invited to a home show and met Vanessa, an independent consultant for Norwex. I was very happy to see a company filled with home and personal  care products that are chemical free. I for one can not stand cleaning products full of chemicals. 
Here are some reasons to make the switch to Norwex…..
Save Time and Money
Our cleaning system saves time and effort. In today’s busy world, it has been proven that our system cuts cleaning time by 75% or more. Save money by reducing the use of chemicals and cleaning supplies up to 90%. The average household spends $450 – $600 a year on these items.

Improve Health

You don’t breathe, touch or ingest harmful chemicals. Dirt and dust are removed instead of being spread around. You have a cleaner indoor climate, which reduces allergies.

Better Environment

Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your part to preserve the environment for future generations.

I got the chance to try out the Cleaning Paste, Oven and Grill Cleaner, and 
Envirocloth. It worked awesomely on my oven! After using the oven cleaner I was able to lightly wipe off the “mess” inside the over. It was wonderful. Here is a great example of how well this stuff works……

They have everything from deodorant to dryer balls and everything in between. If you are interested in removing chemicals from your home and daily life, I highly suggest Norwex. With Spring cleaning on the horizon; why not start out clean, fresh, and chemical free???

If you are interested in learning more about Norwex you can…..

Or contact Vanessa through her Norwex Facebook page.


  1. I still want to try their mattress cleaner! I hope I remember in a couple of weeks when we’re in our house!

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