Sponsor Spotlight {Recycled Denims}

I met Heidi, the owner of Recycled Denims, at a local vendor show. Not only is she super creative and talented, but she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. I am super thrilled to have her as one of my sponsors!!!
I’m sure on any given day, if you were to peek in Heidi’s backyard you would spy a line FULL of denim jeans just waiting to be put to good use! Recycled Denims is just that, old denim jeans recycled into new and useful items for you and your home. So what kind of items might you find at Recycled Denims??? 
Items for you home like pillows, table runners, wall organizers…..
Placemats, coasters, magnets, and lots more!
Heidi also makes purses, scarves, skirts, and aprons out of old denim. Not to mention eye glass cases, dog leashes, wine bottle bags, lampshade covers, cell phone carries, bookmarks, tooth fairy pillow, and on and on. 
I’m pretty sure at this point there is NOTHING that she couldn’t make out of denim! 
You can become a fan of Recycled Denims on Facebook
Check out what Heidi has for sale over at Recycled Denims Etsy shop
Or contact Heidi over at the Recycled Denims site
Pop over and let her know what you think about her fabulous work!


    🙂 Heidi

  2. I love Heidi (as much as I can without actually meeting her lol), her family, her faith, her creativity, her couraqe….
    and her creations aren’t bad either. 🙂
    Thank you Courtney for featuring her.
    PS Courtney I also really like your Blog’s name. Cute.

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