Burlap Sack Stool

Awhile back I picked up this old shabby foot stool at a thrift store. It was in pretty bad shape, dirty and outdated! It cost $1.91 so really I couldn’t pass it up, even though it made me want to go wash my hands. 
The stool sat in my garage for quite awhile waiting for it’s makeover! I’m in a major destashing mode and I’m trying to tackle projects that I have waiting to be completed. 

Right now I also have a stack of old burlap sacks that are begging to be included in a project! So I decided to combine the two! The first thing I did was tear apart the old yucky stool. I unscrewed the legs and ripped off the strange paper that was stuck to the bottom of the stool. 
I took the wood legs and gave them a blast of Heirloom White paint and treated them to a little distressing. 
Then I covered the stool in a fun burlap sack with a lot of lettering. I used a staple gun to to attach the burlap sack to the bottom of the stool. I screwed the legs back on using the old hardware and previously drilled holes. 
It was a pretty simple project but it has a lot of personality! 
I absolutely love the all the lettering on the burlap sack. Not just the lettering, but the pretty green color as well. It went from something that should be been headed to the garbage to such a sweet little stool. 
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  1. Your stool looks great! I love the old burlap you used, the color is so on trend right now. Way to take that trash and create treasure!

  2. that looks great! I’d so have that in my lounge room! Where do you get your burlap sacks? I cant find them ANYWHERE!!! Seriously want to make cushions out of some but cant find the sacs!


  3. sorry i left you the wrong blog link haha, its actually http://www.gloriouslyeverafter.blogspot.com … but you can just respond on here and ill come back and check anyway lolll.

  4. This looks great!

  5. Courtney,

    I am so glad you saved this beautiful little stool. You really brought an ugly duckling back to life as a swan! I love that burlap sack, the lettering and colors are lovely. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. This turned out so cute!! I love how you said it made you want to wash your hands–I’ve had a few thrifting projects that I felt the same way about–but then they turned out fabulous!! Well worth it!


  7. what a perfect idea! I just got hold on a pile of burlaps, this is great, thank you for sharing!


  8. I love it! I have an old stool that I’ve already re-painted but it is waiting for a covering for the pad. I think the bean sack is a great idea. may just have to copy you! Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Turned out great! I love it!

  10. Great transformation! Yeah, that original was pretty sad 🙂

  11. I’m really impressed. Somehow everyone in the blogosphere seems to have burlap on the brain, but I’m particularly fond of your incarnation:)


  12. Super cute! Love the tourqoise on the burlap. Awesome – thanks for sharing!
    home sweet nest

  13. oh man this is awesome–probably not comfortable since burlap is itchy but its all for the looks! LOVE THIS!

  14. This is adorable! Found your link at craft-o-maniac’s linky party, and wanted to stop by and invite you to share with my readers at my linky party… stringtownhome.blogspot.com!


  15. That looks great! Love it! I would love for you to share this (and any other creations) at Pin It and Win It Wednesday @ http://www.cheapcraftymama.com– you can win free ad space on my blog!!

  16. I never would have though of using sacks. I have a stool and some printed burlap waiting for me…seeing this might just propel me to actually finish the project!

  17. You are in COM’S TALENT SHOW TODAY! xo, jen

  18. Just gorgeous, can I have it? ;-). So natural and completely chic!

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