Thrifty Thursday #35

Surprisingly I think this is the first Thrifty Thursday in April. I told ya I was trying to lay off the buying and start working through my “to do” list. So far I have been pretty successful and I’m just chipping away at my pile in the garage.
What I REALLY need to do is stop perusing the local online yard sales! We have several local facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling all the crap stuff you don’t really need. Sometimes there are deals you just can’t pass up! I picked up this desk and chair for $25.
Then someone was giving these wooden drawers away for free. Free. How can I resit free? I got four of them and I’m still trying to nail down what I plan to do with them! I have a few ideas I’m mulling around.
I found these wooden table legs at my local thrift store. It’s amazing how expensive these legs can be at the local home improvement store. I snagged all four for under the price of one leg retail. 
I found three tarnished metal spring form pans in two different thrift stores. And wouldn’t you know it, they are 3 different sizes! Perfect descending order. So awesome. I picked each one up for a couple bucks. Can’t wait to turn this into something fabulous!
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I got an email yesterday telling me that I had been nominated for one of Circle of Moms Top 25 Home Design Moms. WOW! How totally awesome is that? 

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  1. That desk is an amazing find/price! I too keep vowing to buy less stuff but how can you be expected to resist when the prices are so ridiculously low?

  2. What great finds!!! I remember that my cousin that is in her 50’s had a desk like that in her room growing up. What a steal!!

  3. I love some great finds!

  4. Great finds! That desk reminds me of the bedroom suite I had as a kid 🙂

  5. Lucky you for finding those legs for a great price, they ARE so expensive in the store!

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