Your Regularly Scheduled Program…..

Has been delayed due to some much needed relaxation and fun! The family and I are off to Southern California for some Spring Break fun!!! Yesterday we did up Legoland and today we’re off the the SD Zoo Safari Park!!!
We have all been so busy it is so awesome to be on a true vacation! The kids are having a blast and the hubby and I are exhausted (the true sign of a good va-ca). 
Don’t worry….I will make up for the features today and the party WILL be up tomorrow! So don’t fret…..we will be back on schedule soon!
Bye ya’ll!!!


  1. Isn’t Legoland a BLAST?!

    Hope you guys are having fun!!

  2. I have never been to Legoland but I am sure it is lots of fun! Enjoy your time!

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