Thrifty Thursday #36

Welcome to another Thrifty Thursday! I love getting to show off all my thrifty goodies with ya’ll!
Someone in the area was selling these 4 dining chairs. I was able to pick them up for $30. Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m hoping that they are fairly easy to reupholster because up till now my upholstery projects have been pretty basic. I can’t wait to find a table to complete the set and tackle these beauties.
This is Thrifty Thursday and it doesn’t get more thrifty than FREE. I love having friends that are willing to ask you things like “Hey I have an old window sitting in my garage, do you want it?”! Why yes I do! Old windows make me happy….and free old windows make me very very happy!
I quickly popped into a few thrift stores this past week and in one of my pops I found this old enamelware pot and lid. For $3 how could I resist? Are there any big enamelware fans out there???
Welp that’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed my thrifty finds for the week. Have you found anything especially fabulous and thrifty lately???
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  1. I love enamel ware! Looks with great with fresh flowers or colorful fruit in it.

  2. Those chairs are a real score!! And that pot – I’d love one just like it for camping.

  3. Love the pot! What are you going to do with it? Thinking I need to hit the thrift store this weekend…

  4. We have a new Goodwill opening up near us and my daughter is thrilled. She’s 14 and always finds the cutest clothes. The other Good Will is a 15+ min drive but with one around the corner she is probably going to be there almost every

  5. I need to set up a Thrifty Thursday on my blog! I live on a little island that does the weirdest thing…we have Yard Sales on Thursday. Yep…Thursday. Someone once told me it started a long time ago when the women had nothing to do…I beg your pardon…Yard Sales are definitely “something to do.” I am COMPLETELY envious of your chairs. Literally green with envy over here.


  6. Those chairs are gorgeous! I love anything with caning.

  7. Great finds. I’d love you to HOP over to my blog and follow and share

  8. Cute chairs! I can’t wait to see your finished results!
    Found you via Twiggy Studios!

    Please come follow along my blog!

  9. found you on young&crafty… i love those chairs ! hope you get to fix ’em up soon because i’ll be dying to see ! thanks for sharing !! 🙂

  10. Followed over from Sundae Scoop. Cannot wait to see what you do with those beautiful chairs – some people just can’t see beyond tacky (that makes the rest of us happy!) I am your newest Linky follower. We have similar taste. If you have time, come over and visit for awhile.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  11. A thrifting gal after my own heart! What fabulous finds – I especially love your free window! I just scored a fabulous 50’s vintage glider for $60 – I did a little happy dance with that find! New follower – can’t wait to see more of your finds!

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