Thrifty Thursday #40

I had mentioned that I did some junking over the weekend. It was actually an estate sale but they were just letting people go into the home and scavenge for things. There was a cellar and shed out back and lots of goodies strewn about. It was crazy, there were people everywhere. We just started making a pile in the yard with the things that we wanted. Some of the things I wanted ended up getting priced a little to high for me. So this is what I ended up with. 
I found these old wood chairs in the backyard. They are covered in dirt and pretty rough looking. But they have a great weathered patina to them. 
I picked up this little table for $4.50. The top veneer is completely falling apart and peeling off. I’m sure I can come up with a way to cover the mess up! I also found some fun metal pans when I took a little thrift store detour after the estate sale. 
I picked up this old metal birdcage. There were 3 for sale, but they wanted a lot of money for the other two. This one doesn’t have a bottom to it so it was cheaper. I have a project in mind that doesn’t require a bottom so it works out for the best. 
Of course it’s no surprise that I would want to bring home an old ornate picture frame! It’s such a fabulous one too, lovely wear and it’s a great size. 
I ended up finding 4 old rusty rakes. They will make great wine glass holders or jewelry holders!  
Off sitting in the middle of the yard was this old wood crate. I also dug up an old metal box and a milk glass pot. I’m not sure if it’s real milk glass but I like the way it looks!
To round out my haul I found another little wood crate, a faucet, and a set of old door knobs. 
Quite a hodge podge of items, but I love every one of them! Some I think will just get a little cleaned up and put straight into my booth, while others will hopefully be turned into fabulous projects!!! Thanks for checking out my latest thrifty finds!!!
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  1. Wow! Those people had A LOT of cool stuff! And you scooped it! I guess this estate sale was “worth it,”, huh?? 🙂

  2. WOW! I love everything you got! great junking skills!

  3. Holy cow! You scored some AMAZING things. I love the faucet.

  4. such awesome finds!!!

  5. I love everthing you found! Guess I better start going to some estate sales!

  6. Great finds. And, what fun…..just turned loose to look in the house AND barn!!!

  7. Wow, Courtney! I love every treasure! Lucky you!


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