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Hi Diamond in the Stuff readers! I’m so happy to be here while Courtney is enjoying her vacation. My name is Hannah and I blog over at Young and Crafty. I love to create and I hope you like what I have to share with you today. It’s perfect to whip up for summer!
Sunglasses Case Tutorial

I am super duper hard on sunglasses. They would literally be thrown into my blackhole of a purse, destined to be scratched in the process. When it was time to wear them again it was like looking through a screen door. I got a new pair of sunglasses for a whopping $5 at Wal-mart and I swore to my wonderful husband that I would not wear them until I made a sunglasses case.
There might be tons of tutorials for sunglasses cases out there but I sort of just made this one up in my head. Dangerous, I know.
So here we go, my first ever attempt at a sewing tutorial. Buckles up, it’s gonna be a crazy ride!

I’ve attempted to number things to make them easier. You will need iron on velcro and some batting. I chose 2 different colors of fabric but you could always use the same one.
Cut your fabric and batting to 6 3/4 in. by 7 1/2 in.
(FYI: the fabric pictured above was from round one. Meaning, I cut the fabric entirely to small to hold a pair of sunglasses and thus, had to start completely over. The measurements are from round two.)

Now take your iron on velcro and iron it on leaving enough room for the seam. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants gal, so I eyeballed the placement.

Now it’s time to make a sandwich. No, not a PB&J. A fabric sandwich. Grab piece 3 (batting) and place it on bottom. Grab piece 1 and place it wrong side down on the batting with the velcro at the top. Pretty side facing up, ugly side against the batting. Now take piece 2 and place it right side down onto piece 1 with the velcro at the bottom. Now the pretty side of each piece should be together.
*Important- the velcro should be on opposite ends! One up and one down.

Now pin three sides leaving the velcro top of piece 1 open for turning. You can sew a few inches in on each side on the top, just make sure you have a big enough hole to turn it.


Now clip all of the corners and any excess batting or fabric.

Now it’s time to turn the fabric! Push the batting and right sides of the fabric through the hole.


You will then have a square. (Just imagine this unfolded.) Then take the bottom and make a fold with piece 2 showing. You can now see how the velcro will match up. Pin on the sides. Also be sure to pin along the top where the hole was left open.
Then sew around all sides except for the bottom.

You can see how clean the lines look now that it’s sewed around the edges. You may notice the extra velcro. I had to add some to the outsides because the edges wouldn’t stay down while closed. If you have to add iron on velcro after it’s sewn make sure to use SUPER heat while ironing it on.

Let’s just say, these will be some well protected $5 sunglasses.


The side view.

Sunglasses Case Tutorial

I sure hope that all of that made sense! This really is an easy beginner sewing project.
Take a second and stop by my blog Young and Crafty for other fun DIY projects and tutorials!
Thanks for reading 🙂


Thanks so much Hannah! I am in major need of one of those cases! I hate the big bulky ones that take up way to much space in my purse! This looks like it would be perfect and the perfect summer accessory too!


  1. Hello Hannah,
    Thanks for dropping in on Courtney’s blog and sharing this tutorial. I love sewing, and I am in the need of a new sunglass case.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. Hannah,

    Very cute and good tutorial. I’m an eyeball it kind of girl too, but it doesn’t always work in my favor. I shall pick up some batting this weekend since I don’t have any and give this a whirl!



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