Thrifty Thursday #42

I am home from our amazing Alaskan Disney Cruise!!! It was so amazing, more than words or pictures can describe. So, obviously I haven’t been out shopping for thrifty finds. Therefore, this is not a traditional Thrifty Thursday. 
Out of all of the tourist shops carrying t-shirts and other tourist paraphernalia (which we did partake in slightly), I found a really awesome little shop filled with locally made goods. Of course I was able to find an upcycled item. I found this awesome “rug” made from Alaskan fishing line and rope. It’s made by the Alaska Rug Company. I’m thinking it will look great in my living room with the aqua makeover I’m working on!
I found it in a town called Ketchican in Alaska. We had a seaplane tour scheduled but because of weather it was cancelled. We were a bit bummed but we had fun anyway! I ended up doing some shopping, got a nap in, and headed to some spa treatments. It was a neat little town and I wish I could of explored it a bit more. Actually, I wish I could of explored each town a bit more than we were able. 
I also wish I could share every aspect of my trip with you guys, but for now I’ll just share this awesome upcycled souvenir that I found!
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  1. I love this rug you found. Did you get any info on the shop like do they ship or have a web page? I have wanted to do a Disney Cruise with the kids and grandkids for years and we have also wanted to see Alaska, so how perfect this would be. I hope you post more about your trip it sounds wonderful!

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