Time to Shine {Party} No 75

While we were on our vacation we got to poke around Seattle a bit. I have never been to Seattle and I honestly thought there wasn’t much to see or do in the area. Hopefully that doesn’t offend anyone from Seattle. I actually loved it and now wish we had more time to spend there! 
One of the few things I had on my “to do” list was to find the very first Starbucks. Hi my name is Courtney and I am a lover of Starbucks. I know for some, it’s a bit too fru fru for them. But it’s about the only coffee I can handle. 
So needless to say, I was totally stoked to find the first Starbucks! Not only did I pick up a souvenir but I had one of the best cups of coffee ever! We did some more sight seeing than this but it was definitely a highlight for me!
Okay enough about coffee….although I could use a cup right about now! Let’s get to the party!!!
A Diamond in the Stuff

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  1. Wow is my insomnia showing tonight! lol
    Thanks for hosting!!

    the Crafty Woman

  2. That’s so neat that you got to go to the first Starbucks! 🙂 Thanks for hosting, Courtney! Megan

  3. I’ve lived in the Seattle area for the past 12 years. There is so much to see and do here…if you don’t mind doing it in the rain! But I must say, while living here I have become a coffee addict and if I go anywhere out of state to get a cup of coffee, even at starbucks, the experience is so very different. Seattle has it all figured out!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting Courtney. I am now following you on GFC. I would love for you to visit, follow back and maybe even link up on my linky party.
    Marcie @ http://www.IGottaTryThat.com

  5. First time linking up in a LONG time…glad to be here 😉

  6. I’ve been a bit out of it due to computer/internet problems but appreciative of the party and glad to be back on board.
    Looks like you had a good time in Seattle!

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