Industrial Cart Coffee Table

Anyone ready for a little industrial restoration? Awhile back I picked up an old industrial cart at an auction and shared it in a Thrifty Thursday post. The cart was in pretty shabby condition when I got a hold of it. Oil stains, splintering wood, and caked on dirt was just a few of the cart’s issues. Through all of the muck all I could see was a super awesome Industrial Coffee Table.
There she is….pretty rough huh? But pretty amazing as well! When it came to cleaning this thing up I relied on the products I had on hand and some good ole elbow grease. I decided to give the cart a good sanding to try and get rid of some of the yuckier wood.
A good amount of scraping and scrubbing was done on the metal, wood, and under parts of the cart. When I say that dirt was caked on this thing, I’m not exaggerating. My old trusty power sander came in handy for this job, along with some Minwax Stain and Polycrylic.
Once the wood was sanded down a bit I decided to add some stain. I also wanted to protect the table and prevent any splinters, so I gave the whole table a few coats of Polycrylic. Making sure to cover some of the flaking paint on the metal parts. I tried to leave as much character on the table as possible, but still making it safe for home use.
I am very happy with the cart’s restoration. It’s cleaned up but still had it’s industrial integrity.
As much as I wish I could keep this Industrial Cart Coffee Table, it is for sale. Sigh.
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  1. I really like that…neat

  2. This is amazing. Great job!

  3. what an awesome project!!! I fear that my children would take it for a spin from the living down the hall 😉

  4. Courtney, WOW! great outcome!

  5. I love love that coffee table.

  6. wow! that looks terrific!

  7. I’ve been after one of these for ages and for the same purpose! You lucky duck! LOL. It looks super. There is a small one that is sitting outside of a downtown hardware store which they use to move items around. It would make a neat end table. I’ve been meaning to stop by to see if they’d part with it.

    I’ll still be on the look-out for one like yours! Such a great size!

  8. Nice. Someone will want it for sure. Sorry you have to give it up. Ah well…more room for something new!

  9. Very nice. I’ve done a few of these myself, aren’t they simply awesome?! Great photos too. Chantelle

  10. That is an awesome cart! I would love to find one like it someday!!

  11. It looks fantastic! I love it in your space. Megan

  12. Your industrial coffee table turned out fabulous! Aren’t those babies a beast to clean?
    Stop by Junk-Fest and take a peek at mine.
    Nice work!

  13. How cool is that. I love it.

  14. Wow, that table is so cool looking! I’m in love with my own coffee table but if I found something like that I’d glady trade!! :o)


  15. I love how this turned out! Such a great project, I’ll be on the look out for a cart so I can try it on my own.

    Kristiina from

  16. That is very, very cool!

  17. I love it, Courtney! Your vision became reality! It’s gorgeous!

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