Thrifty Thursday #49

It’s Thrifty Thursday time!!!
This was kind of a weird thrifting week. I really didn’t have time for any thrift store shopping, but these items really just fell in my lap! Don’t you love it when that happens???
So, you know when your driving down the road and you look over and see a pile of “stuff” on the curb?  I can’t help myself, I must stop! One of the great perks of being on a military base is the constant piles of “stuff” that people are getting rid of for a move. In one of these recent piles by the road I found this school chair. It’s in pretty rough shape, I’m not sure it can be saved but I thought it was worth a try!
I also found this little vanity and seat in the free pile. It’s the real reason that I pulled over and looked through the “stuff”. The vanity has some issues, like what I can only assume are curling iron burn marks??? I’m sure with some new paint and fabric this can be super cute! 

As you probably know, I’m on a window roll lately!!! They just keep finding their way to me and I’m loving it! These were picked up by a friend that knew I would love them! My window pile is beginning to really stack up…..I better get to work!
Welp that’s it for the week! What thrifty goodies have you found lately???
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It’s that pumpkiny time of the year……
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  1. I love that vanity. What a score! I just redid a chair like that too! They take spray paint really well. 🙂

  2. I agree, I love that vanity. I’ve always wanted to have something like that in my room…I bet you’ll make it look great. BTW, I made some Fall letter frames yesterday after seeing yours, and they came out awesome. I will post a picture on my blog soon…thank you for the great ideas 🙂

  3. I always love seeing what you’ve picked up during the week:)

  4. Courtney, I have that vanity set! Mine was missing the mirror, so I used the vanity as a writing desk for my daughter. I redid the bench with padding and painted drop cloth to use as a stool instead of a bench.

    Your finds are so fun!! Great deals.


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