Time to Shine {Features} No 101

Well my hubby has officially started his deployment. We tearfully said good bye to him a few days ago.  It’s been a sad few days but we finally heard from him yesterday. He arrived at his destination safe and sound. Tired but safe. The kids and I are still adjusting to life without Daddy and it will take sometime. 
I so appreciate all the thoughts and prayers coming our way!!! Your continued patience as this blogger tries to navigate things as a single parent without her carpenter is MUCH appreciated!!! : ) 

So how about we check out some features from last week’s Time to Shine party????
Sharpie Decorated Dishware from Home Made Modern.
Railroad Crossing sign
Rustic Railroad Sign by Made in a Day.
Blueberry Buttermilk Donuts with Lemon Glaze by Shaken Together.
Yarn Ball Garland by Planned In Pencil.

and the most viewed link was…..
Winter Mantel by Shabby Love.
A HUGE thanks to all who linked up and partied with me!!! If you’ve been featured please feel free to grab a button in my sidebar…..
A Diamond in the Stuff

Come on back tomorrow for another fun party!!!!


  1. Oh 🙁 Here is hoping for a quick adjustment for your family … and thank you so much for featuring my donuts 🙂

  2. Thinking of you xx

  3. Praying all goes well for your family. As a pastor’s wife whose husband has been gone on mission trips and such, I can relate on some level with being seperated amnd being a single mom at times! You can do this and you’ll be great!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  4. I am grateful for your husbands service. Hang in there! Fun features! Love that yarn wreath especially!

  5. Such a beautiful family photo Courtney! You have been blessed. Be strong. xx Julie

  6. I will be thinking of you and your family, Courtney. 🙂 These are some beautiful features. Megan

  7. Great features, Courtney! Glad to hear that your husband made it safe and sound. Praying for you all while he is away!

  8. Thank you for hosting these parties, but even more, thank you, your husband and your family for your service to our country! I hope he returns safely as soon as possible!

  9. Thank you for hosting these parties, but even more, thank you, your husband and your family for your service to our country. I hope he returns home safely as soon as possible!

  10. A BIG “THANK YOU” to your husband for his service–and to your family, for the sacrifices you make while he serves!

  11. Sending lots of hugs. I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to be separated! PS I really love all the features this week

  12. That made me sad, just reading it. I hope the adjustment is not too hard. Sending prayers your way. BTW, I love your skirt!

  13. My heart is heavy for you! Praying for perseverance & peace for you guys!

  14. Prayers all around for safety, strength, widom,peace of mind and hearts~~~
    Numbers 6: 24-26.
    My family and I are grateful to your husband for his service and to your family for your sacrifice at this time. Praying for time to fly for all of you! <3

  15. Prayers all around for strength,wisdom, health, guidance,peace of mind and heart. <3
    Numbers 6: 24-26

  16. Thank you so much for the feature!! I’m very grateful. Best wishes to you and your husband and kids as you adjust to his absence.

  17. Huge hugs, Courtney! I know those first few days are really tough. I’m glad you heard from him. As time goes by and you guys get into a routine the days will start flying by. You’ll be on autopilot, I promise. Our first deployment I read somewhere that the the days are long but the months are short. And it’s true – sometimes you have those long days but once a month has gone by you think wow, that was quick! Then before you know it you have a few months under your belt and then you’re half way to having him home. We are just now half way through this deployment. You can do it girl!

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