Thrifty Thursday No 58

Thrifty Finds

Do you consider yourself a thrifty shopper? Do you love shopping at thrift stores and garage sales? Well as most of you know, I love thrifty shopping. It may even be an addiction. However there is a down sign to all these Thrifty Finds….a warped sense of pricing. So anything over $10 seems like a fortune and you pass by lots of things that you probably shouldn’t.

Thrifty Finds

When I saw this mirror I knew I wanted it. When I found out the price I started to rethink it. I mean it was going to cost more than a bed I recently bought. The more and more I thought about it though I knew I had to have it! I mean, it’s gorgeous right? I ended up paying $55 for it. Good deal or did I over pay???

Thrifty Finds

Look at all that detailing!!! Beautiful right? It’s a bit too gold for me though….it’s going to need a splash of some awesome color!!! Hummm???

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  1. No, I think it was worth it. It’s gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you do to it!

  2. $55? That is a total score and I’m cheap, I mean thrifty, too! That is a beautiful mirror! I leaned one against the wall on top of my dresser. It would be darling in little girl’s room too as a dress up mirror. My princesses would adore it! Heck, if you can’t find a place for it sell it for $200 on CL.

  3. Nancy Carr says:

    Beautiful mirror. I would have had to have it if I had seen it. Blessings

  4. Oh my goodness! I found the exact same mirror at Goodwill on half off day! I got mine for $25 and I almost walked away. So so glad I didn’t. Can’t wait to see what you do with it, I need ideas!

  5. very pretty! and, yeah, I think $55 is a great price for a mirror that big and that nice!

  6. That’s a great find! I can’t wait to go to Goodwill and yard sales so I can do some crafts with frames. Your blog is so cute–I use the craftiness theme on my blog, too! Stopping by from Tatertots and Jello. Have a great weekend!

  7. I think that mirror was well worth the cost – and would look great in a bright color like yellow, turquoise, or pink!

  8. Definitely worth the 10 smackaroos!

  9. Wow – it is incredible!! What a find. I think sometimes it is worth paying more than you would think you ever should when thrifting just to get something really valuable and cool like that!

  10. Even though the price was higher than us thrifties would normally pay…it was a great deal. Looks to be in perfect condition and so much beautiful detail. I would paint it too. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  11. 55$?? I think you got a great deal! You always find the coolest stuff! Thanks for sharing at Project Inspired! Pinned!

  12. Great deal. Is it wood with plaster over it, or is it plastic, or what is the base material? I love the frame no matter what the base material is. You are right about feeling you are paying too much for something at good will – we get spoiled. I don’t think you paid too much.

  13. I don’t think you paid too much at all! I bright neon color would be fun or even just white. It is a large mirror so I think you really got your money’s worth. Nice blog 🙂

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