Saying Goodbye to my Booth


In November of 2011 I had the awesome opportunity to rent my very own space in an antique and handmade shop.  I had added my name to a wait list only a month before and knew my chances to getting into the shop was slim. So needless to say I was very surprised to get the call that there were booths available due to an expansion and even more surprised to get the call in the middle of the crazy holiday rush.

I made a mad dash to create as much as I could so that I had plenty of items for both my new booth and the holiday shows that I had signed up for. The photo above is what things looked like the day I moved in. The photo below is what things looked like those first few weeks after I moved in.


In the next several months my booth changed many many times. Every few weeks and months I would load new items into my booth, carting past holiday items out and new items in.


My family and I will be making the move to Louisiana next month and I am getting things checked off a huge to-do list. One of those steps towards moving was having to say goodbye to my booth. I ended up being in there for a total of 19 months. It was a great run and I learned tons. It was a sad moving day, but it puts us one step closer to moving.

photo (59)

I decided to share a bunch of photos of my booth from different seasons along the way. I have always been curious how other people set up their retail booths so I figured that others may be curious too! So feel free to browse my photos and hopefully get inspired!

photo (60)

photo (50)

photo (41)

vday booth

photo (63)

photo (28)

Knowing that I was going to be having to move all these goodies back home soon, I put everything in my booth on sale. Here is what my booth looked like right before the sale…..

photo (27)

And in the end my booth was empty again. So since I had to bring all these lovely items back to my home (and I have a stockpile of past holiday items) I decided to have a HUGE liquidation sale in my home. I am putting all my stuff on sale and opening up my home for an all day sale. I mean, I need to lighten my load before the move right???  So far I have 82 people coming for my liquidation event. EEK!!! Stay tuned for fun updates to come!!!

photo (58)

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  1. good luck on the move. Hopefullly you will sell out at your house too

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Sure wish I could come to your home sale. Wow was I inspired by your booth pics. Got some ideas for things to make. Sure hope your move to Louisiana is all you need it to be. Moving is an adventure and can make wonderful memories and learned experiences.
    I can say that as we’ve moved several times in our lives. If I had my way we’d move again, back to MT or to San Diego area. Hubs says we’re too old. uh-unh. Not me. I’ve had to drive a vehicle most of the times we’ve moved so I didn’t get to skip that part which is the hardest for me. Our moves haven’t just been across town, most of them have been across the country. Happy trip and good luck on your home stuff sale.

  3. Patty Soriano says:

    Courtney, good luck with your move. I hope you’ll continue to blog once you are settled. We’ll be neighbors ! I’m in Texas ! 🙂 Can you tell me how you make your little signs that you use what looks like small fence pieces ? Do you do the actual painting of the words onto the painted pieces of wood ? Are you using a stencil ? I have some pieces like this that I’d like to turn into signs. Yours are so cute !


  4. Lisa Smith says:

    Good Luck on your move. I really enjoyed seeing your craft booth. It gave me a couple of ideas for the craft show that we do in the fall.


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