DIY Glittered Ornaments

DIY Glittered Ornaments

You may have seen these beautiful sparkly glittering ornaments around, but wondered how in the world do you make one? I know I was wondering just that question awhile ago. So I set out to make some for myself and I’ll share with you how I made my DIY Glittered Ornaments.

DIY Glittered Ornaments

Ornament Supplies:

-Glass or plastic ornaments

-Pledge FloorCare FINISH (it must be the finish not cleaner)

-Ultra Fine Glitter

-Ribbon (optional)

DIY Glittered Ornaments

To start, squirt some Pledge into one of the ornaments. I choose to use glass because I had a ton left over from last year. Once you have some of the liquid in the ornament gently swirl it around making sure you cover the entire surface of the inside. Be careful not to shake it too much because that will create bubbles.

DIY Glittered Ornaments

After the inside of the ornament is covered with the liquid, it’s time to drain the excess out. I just placed the opening of the ornament inside the top of the bottle. I let it sit there a minute until I felt all the excess was out.

DIY Glittered Ornaments

Then it’s time to add the glitter. THE FUN PART. I choose to use a funnel to cut down on the mess but if you have a steady hand it’s not required. Just simply pour some glitter into the ornaments, don’t worry about pouring too much in there.

DIY Glittered Ornaments

Then place your finger over the ornament opening and give it a good shake. Make sure to get a good even coverage over the entire ornament.

DIY Glittered Ornaments

Most likely there is some excess glitter left in the ornament that you will want to dump out. I simply pour it all back into the container. No point in wasting perfectly good glitter right? Then let things dry really well, I let it dry overnight.

DIY Glittered Ornaments

Now your glitter ornament is complete. Just pop the hanger back into the top and your done. Or if you want, you can add vinyl words or images to your ornament. I choose to play around with different words and different vinyl colors. You can also add some ribbon to the top for a little extra fun!

DIY Glittered Ornaments

Of course being a proud AF wife I decided to make a special little ornament for my hubby and I. I used blue glitter and some silver vinyl for this one. The options are endless, just let your creativity flow.

DIY Glittered Ornaments

So what ornament are you going to make???

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial…going to make them for sure…they are lovely!!…never would have known about the pledge!!
    happy decorating, Mariaelena

    • Thanks!!! Have fun making them!!!

    • Nicole Thompson says:

      So the pledge idea is absolutely marvelous however I checked numerous stores and had no luck. So for those of you that might have a difficult time finding it also. Any hardware store sells polyurethane and that will get the job done also. Good luck and happy holidays everyone.

  2. Genius!

  3. thanks so much.. love it!

  4. These are so cute! I am going to be making these for an office gift exchange. I was wondering, where did you purchase your vinyl letters and the glass balls? I didn’t find any large ones at Joann Fabrics, but I will be checking for both at Hobby Lobby tomorrow.

  5. Nancy wemett says:

    I did these today with glass ornaments I purchased at Micheals and it was super easy and fun! I have a ton of glitter and it was fun playing with different ones! Thank you!

  6. I love this idea!!Can’t wait to try it out. Where did you purchase the vinyl letters from?


  7. Reatha Clark says:

    My son is in the Air Force and I was wondering where did you get the svg file for the ornament. I would love to make him one!

  8. Helen Franklin says:

    Would you be willing to cut out and send the AF Love?


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