Five Friday Faves


Five Friday Faves

I have been blogging here at ADitS for a few years now and I realize that there is a lot of “me” that is lacking from my blog. I have obviously given lots of glimpses into who I am and what my life is. But really on a day to day basis do you know the woman behind the blog? So I’ve decided to open up a bit more and start sharing some of my favorite things, things I’m loving at the moment. My plan is to share my Five Friday Faves at the end of every week with you all. While I understand that I may or may not be introducing you to anything new, sometimes it’s nice to hear other’s experiences and reviews. Ya never know….you may find your new “fave” here!

Five Friday Faves

First, I will share my favorite new toy! The hubby and I bought a DeWALT  Wood Planer.  I am a mix of two thoughts…..This things is freakin awesome and why did we wait so long to get it? Well I know the answer to the second part….it’s not the cheapest garage toy out there. But it has been oh so worth it. I have already been able to plane down some ragged old wood and make it shine! Check out what I used my new toy to make HERE.

Five Friday Faves

My hubby and I are attempting to eat better. Attempting. I found this new recipe for Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa and we gave it a try. It was a hit with both of us and gave us a great side dish replacement for things like rice, potatoes, etc. I am learning about all the benefits of quinoa and I’m trying to find new ways to incorporate it into our meals (and find things to replace with it). What is your fave quinoa recipe?

Five Friday Faves

Well next up is a beauty fave. I mean, who doesn’t love finding the latest and greatest beauty product? For Christmas I received the “They’re Real” Mascara from Benefit. I absolutely love this stuff. Not only does it really lengthen my eyelashes but it all goes on so smoothly without gunks. I hate the mascara gunks. I am in the process of updating my beauty routine and this was the perfect way to kick start the change.

Five Friday Faves

I am a pretty big fan of chicken wire. I feel like it so easily adds a rustic farm feel in fun and classy ways. Alecia over at Chicken Scratch NY did an awesome Chicken Wire Round Up and she so wonderfully included a couple of my chicken wire projects. There are lots of great inspiration!!!

Five Friday Faves

In addition to eating better I have also been working out with a trainer . Trying to loose some lbs and get healthy! A lovely side effect of all this working out is supper sore muscles!!! If you follow me on Instagram you have seen the photo above. Since then I have taken a couple more sore muscle soaks in the tub. Here’s my sore muscle tub soak recipe:

1 cup epson salt

1 cup sea salt

1 cup baking soda

Essential Oil (optional)


Well that wraps up my first Five Friday Faves!!! I hope that you have enjoyed them, maybe even learned something new. Either about a product or blog OR maybe a little about me. Hopefully you’ll join me for future Five Friday Faves posts and maybe share some of your current faves too!!!


  1. This is a great post!!! Love the personal side showing up on your blog!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  2. Thanks Missy!!! : )

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