Five Friday Faves

Five Friday Faves


Why is it that every. single. Friday. I feel like I just ran a week long marathon. It could be motherhood. That’s what I’m putting my money on. That crazy little mini army that I created. But HEY it’s Friday and I get to share some of my favorite things right now! I’d love to hear if you love any of these items TOO!

Frosted Pistachio Bread recipe on { }

First up is this super yummy Frosted Pistachio Bread from Lil Luna. Immediately when I saw this bread on Kristyn’s blog I knew I had to make it for my hubby. He LOVES pistachio….well everything! So I whipped up a batch when he returned from a work trip. To say he liked it would be an understatement. At one point he told me to hide it from him so he would stop eating it. So I’ll be making this again. Soon.

Hot Glue Gun Helpers - 7 Piece Set - No More Burns

Next up is one of the best crafting buddies. If you haven’t met them, let me introduce you to the Hot Glue Gun Helpers! There is almost nothing worse than a hot glue gun burn while crafting. Trust me, I’ve had a few. These helpers have saved me in MANY ways! Not just my fingers either! The handy dandy mat has protected many of my crafting surfaces! Honestly, if you’re going to use a glue gun you have to own one of these!


When it comes to my home I can get quite….particular. Just ask my hubby. He will tell you that I obsess over organization and order. Little things bug me, like nicks in my wood furniture. That’s why I LOVE these wood repair markers. As I notice little nicks in my furniture, I pick out the matching marker, color in the nick, and that’s it!

My daughter often asks me what my favorite color is. I find myself at a loss usually. Overall I just love color! But I guess if I HAD to pick ONE color it would be Blue Ocean Breeze by Krylon! I really really love this color. If you’ve been to my living room you already know this! It is a bright happy color without being too abrasive. Plus this spray paint is just awesome in general. If you haven’t tired Blue Ocean Breeze yet, go grab a can now! It’s the perfect color for Spring!


Lastly, I am loving this tutorial to make your own Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser from Pretty Handy Girl. I have been wanting to make my own mason jar soap dispenser for quite some time. I’ve even had the pretty blue mason jars sitting around forever. So this week my hubby and I finally made a couple of them! They turned out wonderfully and I’m so glad to finally have some made!

Well that is it for the week! I hope you enjoyed my Five Friday Faves round up! Let me know what you think about my picks this week……


DIY Natural Wood Stain

Earlier this week I shared my DIY Natural Wood Stain. It also ranks up there with some of my fave DIY products and I make it all myself! It’s a MUST for any DIYer to have around!

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