Thrifty Thursday #59

Thrifty Thursday Finds

So it’s been about forever since I’ve posted some Thrifty Thursday finds.

That is mostly because I haven’t been finding a whole lot of awesome thrifty goodies lately. However when people know you have a love affair with junk somehow it finds it’s way to you. My husband’s father is working on an old house and has accumulated a lot of “junk”. I of course made sure that he knew, to me it wasn’t junk! A few weeks ago a big junk pile made its way to me.

Thrifty Thursday Finds

Check out all this window and door goodness!!! There are varying degrees of condition in there….some glass panes broken or missing….and lots and lots of dirt. I’m sure to some people this just looks like a huge pile of trash….to me it’s endless possibilities!

Thrifty Thursday Finds

The other pile of goodies that my father in law brought were these old banister spindles. Awesome right? Ok so I think so. My hubby sides more with a pile of junk….but I see possibilities! My first thought: candle holders. Other than that, I’m stumped. However, I’m super excited to have some fun with them.

So what ideas do you have for these thrifty goodies?

Thrifty Thursday Finds

Of course I also recently scored this amazing old drop leaf farm table. I already gave it a beautiful makeover that you can see HERE.

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Tiered Urn Flower Pot

Earlier this week I shared how I created these Tiered Urn Flower Pots.  In 4 easy steps I brightened my front porch and officially welcomed Spring. See how I did it HERE.

Tiered Urn Flower Pot


  1. Great finds…..

  2. The banister spindles are making me drool! Lots of possibilities there!

  3. Debbie Kay says:

    For those awesome banister spindles – a few years ago at a show there was a crafter who had taken just plain spindles they bought at Lowes, painted them, decorated some but each one had a small clock in them! They were gorgeous and I wanted one so badly but they were crazy expensive. All they did was take the round thingie with the drill, dig out a hole for teh clock to fit in, sand it, insert a small clock (in the big banisters they inserted big clocks) and presto, gorgeous. They would have been wonderful by a fireplace or a special spot in the living room. The clocks are the ones you buy at the craft store-just the round faces, with the crystal and gold trim. Really really nice. That’s the only time I’ve ever seen them. I wanted to make one of my own but had no way to make that darn round hole for the clock. Have fun!

  4. Amazing hook-up you have, all those finds are awesome! Have fun with your new “toys.” Look forward to seeing your recreations.

  5. Miranda says:

    Great finds! I made a lampbase out of an old spindle that my son found in the park. My dad made a round piece of wood to form the base and we screwed the spindle on top from the underside of the round piece. Then I drilled all te way thrue the spindle and the base for the wire. I painted the whole thing to get a uniform colour and made a reallly unique lamp for my oldest son’s bedroom. Enjoy your treasures!

  6. great finds ! what a great possibilities to make some nice creativity with them ! I saw some cute ideas using the door as chalkboard or picture frames !

  7. Love the old doors and spindles. I love working with old salvage like that and it is hard to find here. We used to have a great junk shop filled with old moldings, doors, windows etc but it closed. I was so upset!

  8. I love the old doors. What great possibilities.


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