Thrifty Thursday #60


Thrifty Thursday Finds

Alright it’s time to get thrifty!!!

I’ve talked about how I’ve struggled to score awesome thrifty finds here in Louisiana. So I’ve been relying a lot of facebook yard sale pages. There are a few in my area and I have been pretty successful in finding some really great thrifty finds!!! So let’s see what has made it’s way into my garage…….

Thrifty Thursday Finds

I was recently told by someone that no one wanted these old sewing tables anymore. They are obviously not being used as their intended purpose, but I refuse to give in that these sewing tables can’t still become something to enjoy. The wood part on this table is pretty bad. Beyond repair bad. I do have plans for it though. Broken, rusty, dirty doesn’t scare me much!

Thrifty Thursday Finds

Another great find was this pedestal coffee table. I scored it for $25, again on a facebook page. I love pedestal tables! I’m still trying to decide what to do with this one? Anyone want to weigh in?

Thrifty Thursday Finds

Lastly, I found these two shutters at a parking lot sale. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for wood shutter to make some more card holders. I picked them both up for $12, now that’s thrifty!

Ok that is it this week! Thanks for checking out all of my Thrifty Thursday finds!!! Any great ideas for what I should do with these goodies???

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  1. Nice finds….I love the old sewing machines. I have one at my mom’s that I need to get to the house. I will not be doing anything with it other than using it for a table because it actually belonged to my great grandmother. With that history I would like to keep it as it is.
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  2. Tina Gilbert says:

    I have a sewing machine just like this! My Granny gave it to me. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you do with it. So far, I use it for a lovely little table. ♡

  3. For the old sewing table build it up so it’s flat on top and all the same thickness. Cut some boards or use some sheetrock. Then I’d find a whole bunch of old scrabble game tiles and glue them down maybe even spelling out some words like a regular scrabble board game and put a thick coat of polyurethane on it so it’s protected.

    For the round table all i can imagine is a ceramic tiled sun in the middle out to the edges. Or a circle of small tiles starting dark or light and then proceeding to the opposite of the center color.

  4. I used my grandmother’s sewing cabinet to make a table for a small kitchen corner banquette. We took the cabinet off the cast iron scrollwork legs, removed the foot pedal, and mounted the cast iron legs on wood runners to create trestles, then attached the top of the sewing table leg brackets to a large plank of knotless pine that was attractively woodworked by a handyman friend on the edges to create some interesting grooves and rounded edges. Stained and sealed it all with a durable polyurethane. The table is tremendously strong, won’t tip over even when leaned on, and can hold up to the wear and tear of a family beautifully. I eventually had a piece of plexiglass/Lexan cut to fit to protect the wood surface from the kids’ magic markers and pencil scratches, because it also was a favorite homework place. Twenty five years later, it is a craft and play table in the basement and still looks as good as the day we brought it home. Grandma Emma would be pleased to know the happy family times it brings to mind every time I look at what she contributed to make it.

  5. I would love those shutters! Haha! I often see them displayed on mantles and love them! Great finds!
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  6. I’m going to use my old sewing machine as a bathroom vanity..with a vessel sink. I’ve also seen very cute side table made with the bases. Good Luck!


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