Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

My husband and I bought our first home about 9 months ago. When we moved in the backyard was just a basic rectangle of grass. It was a good size but lacked any personality. Since this was finally OUR home (and not the base housing we were use to) we really wanted to put in the time and money to make our backyard ours. Almost immediately I began planning the backyard makeover in my head. I had a lot of ideas in my head and knew I wanted to incorporate specific aspects into our backyard.

Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

This is what the backyard look like before we tackled it. By the time these photos were taken we had already added a storage shed and swing set to the backyard. As you can tell though, it was just a big rectangle of grass. In one long weekend we almost completely transformed our entire backyard into a place we can actually enjoy. I will show you a little bit of how we achieved our new backyard.

Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

I wanted to have curvy organic lines in our backyard instead of everything being edged out in straight lines. There was already enough of those. To create our lines and boarders for our flowerbeds and rock areas we first marked out where we wanted them to be. I decided to use some spray paint to mark on the grass. Then the hubby used a shovel to cut into the grass where the spray paint lines were made. He would also cut the grass into long strips for easy removal. We then edged out all of the flower bed and gravel areas with large river rocks.

Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

We bought all of the rock at a local landscaping yard. Our driveway was filled with a bunch of pea gravel and a huge pallet of river rock. All of the gravel went into three areas: the swing set area, the fire pit area, and the bbq area. It was a lot of rock and a lot of hauling. A lot. The river rock was no joke either. I used a wheelbarrow to bring loads of it to the backyard and lined everything out. It was exhausting.

Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

Once all the rock was laid down it was time to create the flower beds. As you can see in my photo above from Instagram, we had a little helper. We added some top soil to the flower beds and planned where we wanted all our new plants to go. Once they were planted we added black bark on top of everything.

Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

Here is the swing set and shed area completed. The fencing to the right of the picture is now covering the AC unit.

Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

Our current storage shed isn’t all that pretty, so I tried to pay special attention to making that area look as nice as possible. It’s amazing what a little extra detail can do for a boring shed.

Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

Pretty much the entire perimeter of the backyard now has something new. Whether it be a flower bed or a fire pit area….it’s covered.

Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

I wanted to add a little something to the back fence. It is the longest piece of fence in the backyard and I felt like it needed to be broken up with something. I happen to have some metal stars on hand and decided to paint them to match all my other backyard colors.

Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

Now on to the fire pit area. I love this space. Because to me this space signifies time with family and friends, making s’mores and memories. My hubby built the fire pit with blocks from home depot. He put lava rocks in the bottom of the fire pit because they help reflect a lot of the heat. I picked up these adirondack chairs at Home Depot as well. I couldn’t find the color I wanted anywhere so these chairs started green and I spray painted them turquoise.

Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

There isn’t any greenery in the fire pit area so I decided to add an old ladder filled with potted flowers. The pots and the flowers added just the extra color that I wanted to that corner. There is also another fence board box in this area as well. This fence covers a huge electrical box in our backyard. I know that sometimes ugly necessities need to exist, I just don’t always have to look at them.

Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

On the side of the yard next to the patio we added another little flower bed and our bbq area. We poured more gravel in the area next to the patio because getting grass to grow there was difficult and this adds an awesome place to put our grill. Plus now when icky grease and other yuck spills (and it will) it’s on the gravel instead of my patio. We places each wheel of the grill on square pavers to keep it nice and stable.

Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

The last little area is our patio. I am so happy to finally have a nice comfortable place to hang with my family. It’s actually a space that I want to come now! Which was the whole goal all along!

Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover

Here’s an awesome break down of before and after. You can really see the change when it’s side by side. We still have a large amount of grass for the kids and dog to run and play, but now I feel like we actually have some backyard personality.

So what do you think of our Awesome DIY Backyard Makeover??? Have you done any DIY updates to your backyard space? I’d love to hear about them!!!

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  1. I’m a huge fan of natural stones so I was immediately drawn to how you used them for edging. The curved design makes it even more attractive. Over all wonderful and unique. Love the ladder and fire pit also… and the white picket fence next to the storage. Ok… I like it all. Thanks for sharing these very creative ideas!

    Nancy Rector recently posted…Frozen Chocolate Bananas : Health On A Stick!My Profile

  2. It looks fantastic, you guys did a lot of work and it really paid off! What a great place to spent time with family and friends!!

  3. Totally love your backyard makeover! I just spray painted some chairs nearly the same color as your firepit loungers. Love your color scheme!
    Audra @ Renewed Projects recently posted…be YOU tiful sign & whiteboard giftsMy Profile

  4. Wow! I love the changes you made to your backyard. Everything looks amazing! I really love the chairs painted aqua and the old ladder you turned into a plant stand. I’m pinning your great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This looks amazing! I started working on my backyard makeover a couple of weeks ago, but I have sort of lost motivation. These pictures have inspired me to get back out there tomorrow. I painted my patio chairs that same blue!

  6. That turned out fabulous..great before and afters…!!!

  7. I am obsessed with this transformation! I can’t believe you accomplished it in only a weekend. What a covetable backyard you now have, I wish I were there! I especially love the curved lines for the perimeter flower beds lined with the river rocks. Beautiful!
    xo ~ Lia | Smart n Snazzy
    Lia ~ Smart n Snazzy recently posted…How To Make Sweet Tea in a KeurigMy Profile

  8. Love your gorgeous yard makeover and now I’m on the hunt for that amazing mason jar hummingbird feeder! Thanks so much for sharing at the Fun in the Sun Linky Party! I featured you today!
    xo Heather

  9. I love how you used the rock to edge your boarders…. I have tried a similar approach but not getting the look I want. Did you dig down the rock a bit? or set them on the level surface? what shapes of rocks are you using? are they all the same, more flat or rounded. I would Love some more tips! Thanks 🙂

    • We had to dig out the grass that was previously where the flowerbeds were going…so by default the ground was dug out a bit below the grass line. We did level the surface out as best we could with some top soil that we purchased. The rocks were all kinds of shapes to be honest, we just purchases a pallet of rocks from a local yard. I preferred to use more rounded rocks because they stood on their own better.

      I hope that helps!!!


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