Three Tiered Succulent Garden

Three Tiered Succulent Garden

A couple months ago I posted about our Awesome Backyard Makeover and you may have spotted this beautiful Three Tiered Succulent Garden in some of the photos. I wanted to bring a little green onto our patio and I love succulents….mostly because I find it hard to kill them. So since two months seemed like enough time I figured I would finally share my tutorial for how I made this little gem!

Three Tiered Succulent Garden

Supplies needed……

-Cactus Potting Mix

-Small Rocks


-Container of your choice

Three Tiered Succulent Garden

This silver tiered stand has been with me for years. I found it while thrifting and shared it in a thrifty post. For the most part it’s been sitting in my garage collecting dust only to be brought out on a few occasions. I was at the point where I either wanted to get rid of it or put it to real use.

Three Tiered Succulent Garden

I grabbed some extra rocks and poured them in the bottom of each tier. The rocks help drain any excess water away from the succulents because they don’t like to be over watered.

Three Tiered Succulent Garden

Then I placed all of my succulents in the containers around the stand to plan where I wanted them to go. Once I had the placement figured out I popped each succulent out and poured in the potting mix. I had to work with the dirt to make sure that all the plants were covered. Then I sprinkled some more rocks on top of the dirt.

Three Tiered Succulent Garden

It only took a few items and a few minutes to create a super cute succulent centerpiece. Tarnished silver + tiered stand + succulents = a happy me.

Three Tiered Succulent Garden

I absolutely love sticking succulents in odd or unusual objects. I mean succulents in a flower pot isn’t bad…but succulents in an old three tiered silver stand. Perfection.

Do you have any succulents around your home or garden???

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