Thrifty Thursday #62

Thrifty Thursday #62

The other day on my facebook page I mentioned pulling off the road for some “dumpster diving”. Well if you were curious what I picked up….here it is!

I spotted this headboard propped up against a trashcan at the curb. Of course I quickly pulled over and immediately got the 3rd degree from my kids. They are the type of kids that notice any change or difference in our day to day routines. The minute something “unusual” happens I get bombarded with questions. I quickly loaded the headboard in the back of my minivan and hopped back into the car. Upon which my children began asking if I had just stolen something. I tried to explain the complexities of dumper diving but I don’t think they grasped the concept. I guess most of my trash finds seem to happen when I’m alone.

Thrifty Thursday #62

I still don’t think that the kids are convinced that I didn’t STEAL the headboard….either that or they just love giving their mom a hard time! When I pulled the headboard out of the van my neighbor commented on the fact that she had considered stopping for the same treasure. Looks like I snagged it JUST in time!

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