My Old Rung Ladder

My Old Rung Ladder | A Diamond in the Stuff

After you do the junking, thrifting, salvaging thing for awhile the people around you start to catch on. Family and friends start to tell you about an awesome curb alert or a item that they are throwing out. They start to learn the kinds of things that you are looking for and what you’re interested in. Let me tell you, it’s pretty amazing when this happens. You never know the things you will stumble upon.

My Old Rung Ladder | A Diamond in the Stuff

This past Thanksgiving we were in Illinois visiting family when we were alerted to a pile of old windows. They had been removed from my husband’s grandmother’s home and just tossed out in a junk pile. I Instagramed a photo of my initial finds, you can see them HERE. While the hubs was rounding up all the wonderful windows I spied some old rung ladders. A couple of them were too weather beaten and were falling apart on the spot, but we were able to grab a couple of them.

My Old Rung Ladder | A Diamond in the Stuff

I knew immediately that THIS ladder was exactly what I had been looking for. You see I have this archway in my home, it separates my living room from my kitchen and dining room. We have been in this home for a little over 2 years and I have been wanting an old rung ladder up there for about as long. This one was pretty much a mess. It was filthy, mildewed, and had a nice crack on one side. There were literally spots where the ladder was green. HERE is what they looked like before a good cleaning.

My Old Rung Ladder | A Diamond in the Stuff

I whipped up a bucket of warm water, vinegar, and a drop of Dawn. A bunch of scrubbing and some hosing down did the trick! The ladder is perfectly weathered but now it’s free of gunk and green! We were able to hang the ladder up with 4 long screws and the hubby has assured me, they are in there good. I kept expecting at any moment that it may come crashing down, but that sucker is up there!

My Old Rung Ladder | A Diamond in the Stuff

Isn’t it gorgeous? I mean, I admit hanging an old weathered rung ladder in their home may not be for everyone. But boy do I love it. So what do you think of My Old Rung Ladder?

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  1. Kristy Gatz says:

    I love your ladder!! Looks perfect in that space!!

  2. PattySoriano says:

    I’m a ladder-lover and this one is awesome! So glad you had the right spot for it!

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