A Cloche

This past Monday was my birthday and over the weekend my hubby took over the kid duties so I could go treasure hunting (aka: scour thrift shops for goodies). That in of itself is an awesome birthday present, but in addition to that he got me a paint sprayer!!! I guess I’m not the typical girl…I am THRILLED to get tools for presents! Anyways, back on topic!

I found this great light fixture and what I guess is a plate for cracking nuts. The light was $3.93 and the plate was $.99! I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I saw the light, I just needed to find a base. The thrift store Gods must have been shining on me this day, because next I went to Goodwill where I found the plate. I wasn’t sure if it was going to fit but I figured for a buck it was worth a try. I immediately tried to fit the glass on top of the plate….perfect fit! Bliss!
First I took the light fixture apart and set aside the actual “light” part of the light fixture (I wonder if I can find something to do with this???). I was left with the glass and the top metal pieces. I then got the metal pieces and the plate ready for painting with a couple coats of primer. Then I painted them a matte black.
I then glued the two metal pieces to the top of the glass. That’s about it! Added the base and VOILA!!! A pretty little cloche!


  1. LOVE IT! Very unique and easy project! I love when something beckons me from the thrift store shelves!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very clever! I love repurposed items. This is a great way to display those thrift store treasures too!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love cloche’s. You have given me new inspiration for my next one. I will have to look for this at the thrift stores. Thanks for sharing.

  4. THis is great! I love cloches and it’s awesome that you made one. 🙂

  5. So pretty! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  6. That is so adorable! Great thinking!

  7. Great projects!!! Loved the china hutch and now the cloche!!! You’re off to a running start in blogworld!!!

  8. Your cloche turned out so nice. It looks like the ones you can find at the store!!

  9. I love it! This turned out amazing, you may want to hide it at night… Just saying, someone (not me) may steal it. Thanks for linking up!

    Love your guts

  10. That is just stinking awesome. I have to go find parts to make one now. I wanted a cloche but the ones I find are insanely expensive. I like your idea so much better!~

  11. I love this! I’m so glad to have found your blog. You have a new follower! : )


  12. Hi- I’m a new visitor : ) This is so creative! I never would have seen the potential in those 2 items. What a fabulous project!

  13. Fabulous!

  14. So creative. I am getting lots of ideas from my crafty mind gone to the way side. Been awhile since I was able to get into crafting.

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